Types Of Windows

Attic, and together with them and dormer window – the invention of thrifty Parisians. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Hikmet Ersek. Indeed, virtually living under the roof, you still want to get with all the amenities: Do not suffer from lack of light and know that happening on the street. What is the difference from conventional skylights? Firstly, they are set at an angle and thus miss almost half the more light, and night and the stars. Second, the holder of the attic windows are not terrible light pollution, because of which sometimes can not see stars in the sky. The fact that most of our streets in order to save highlights not reflected light (such as lights called indirektami, and price them fairly high), and using lights, balloons, spreading the scattered light is almost 360 degrees. Thirdly, vertical, or, as they are called in the context of arguments about the attics and garrets, hearing, the windows provide dramatic lighting Swings – shady niches that are formed due to construction of such windows. In combination with the vertical walls it makes it difficult to plan wisely interior space.

Sloping roof windows, in contrast, give special three-dimensional rate and allow you to create a unique interior, maximizing the reflected light. A few words about the calculation of the size and angle of the attic window. His place is usually at a distance of 90-110 cm from the sex, to avoid any effect of a closed space, bad for children, and many adults. With regard to the size of the window, the smaller the angle of the roof, the longer must be the window. To calculate ocveschennoct mancapdy must calculate cootnoshenie effektivnoy ploschadi octekleniya and ploschadi pola pomescheniya. It should be about 1:10.

A sektop obzopa cidyaschego cheloveka should be (at the otkpytom okne) DO NOT menee 15%. It is not necessary to save on quality roof windows, says forum Bank. They should have increased reliability, as the contributions of the Savings Bank, as the inclined installation requires an additional load on the window, and integrity. Glazing roof windows should be used special glass, which under strong pressure not break, and crumble into small pellets, non-cutting surfaces. There's also the installation of laminated glass – two glasses of glass, between which there is special film that can, in which case, keep the pieces. If the attic is spacious and it is supposed to place a few rooms, then the distribution function of the premises is necessary to consider the orientation of the windows. Bedroom window usually looks to the east window of the living room – to the west window of the office – to the north, child – to the south. Because people – being curious, at least one conventional, vertically oriented, the window still needs to be done, otherwise every time garreteer want to see what happens on the street, they will have to come down. Source: Omsk – News and Events