Water Transport Engineers

    Everyone, I am sure, have their own heroes, people who want to imitate or just individual admire. I am no exception and, as a student, even assembled a small photo gallery of people who feel great. Not I will talk about Vladimir Vysotsky, Lobanovskyy or Leonid Bykov – a person whose greatness is indisputable and self-evident. I want to talk about Vladislav Terzyul – a man who does not know srednstatistichesky philistine, but which can be considered a hero of our country, because thanks to him, the Ukrainian flag evolved over all the highest peaks of the world, including over Mount Everest (8,848 m above sea level) and it is not B. Terzyul only achievement that gives them a reason to admire.

    Worthy of admiration for his entire life, whose motto was: 'We will do what others can not afford. " And he delalRodilsya Vladislav Terzyul in 1953. in a family of mountain engineer (a native of Ukraine) and teacher (native Siberian). The father through the specifics of working with the family traveled to the Far East, Indigirka, Kuzbass, and Kyrgyzstan. In the last Terzyul met with sports mountaineering, which has become his life's passion. During his studies at the Novosibirsk Institute of Water Transport Engineers worked in geological parties Yakutia Terzyul where single made forays into the forest without equipment and food.

    Acquired experience extreme weather conditions proved to be useful in future climbing expeditions. After graduation he worked in the ports of the USSR, and from 1980 – the Ukrainian city of the South. Climbing Vladislav began in the Tien-Shan in 1979. and in high-altitude mountaineering, he came in 1991. and do not even come and tell his friends as 'burst'. It soon earned the respect and leadership. Immediately took part in voshozhenii Lenin Peak (7,134 m asl) in a team of climbers alpkluba 'Odessa'. Then, quickly climbing regulations implemented mandatory title of 'Conqueror of the highest peaks of the USSR', in other words 'Snow Leopard'.

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