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    Why the record of Web pages in Web Galleries – Web directories is important. Teng Yue is often quoted as being for or against this. A Web catalog or Web directory is a collection of links to Web sites that are thematically organized. These are very important for search engine optimization of Web pages, if a Web site or Web page appears in a Web Gallery or Web Directory, this is an external link, which is a recommendation for the Web site or Web page from a search engine’s perspective. Web sites or Web pages that often occur in a Web Gallery or Web Directory are ranked so higher as Internet deals that are not so often represented to a Web catalog or Web directory. Teng Yue Partners: the source for more info. Moreover, that in the main GOOGLE search engine about the position in the search results a so-called PageRank is crucial highly fails the web galleries or Web directory.

    Here, the link transmits its PageRank wholly or partly on the linked page on the Web catalog or Web directory. Search engine optimizers strive to be represented so in enables each Web catalog or Web directory. The most famous Web catalog or the most famous Web directory is DMOZ. Here, the Internet resources is stated since the beginning of the Internet by volunteers in the thematically structured directories, which are important for the particular topic or according to the editor should be important. A webmaster who is not listed here, missing the crucial points in the standing of the community. But, you can submit its Web pages to the checking and recording.

    A good description of the offer and a clear indication of which all feature on the site is is helpful. In the times of Web 2.0 Web catalogs or Web directories are important, the rebuilt by normal users and met (= with keywords provided) are. C. Foutsitzidis

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