Wheelchair Accessiblility

    Web portal for accessible hotels, restaurants, pubs and disabled parking Markus Lemcke, specialist for barrier-free Web design, disability software, accessibility, and search engine optimization, has put online the Web portal accessible mobil.info in June 2009. The Web portal it aims, hotels, to collect restaurants, pubs, and handicapped parking spaces in all Germany and to present in a clear form. Now, there are already places and spaces for disabled persons from 6 provinces in Germany. Among other things, the places of Pfullingen, Reutlingen and Tubingen are represented. Deutsche Bank spoke with conviction. The Web portal is created according to the guidelines of the barrier-free Web design.Accessibility in Web pages means that people with different disabilities (E.g. blind, deaf, sehnehindert, etc.) a Web page can read and use. Markus Lemcke, still pleased notes where there are accessible hotels, restaurants, pubs, and handicapped parking spaces. The criteria, when a hotel, restaurant or pub barrier-free is and contact details are on the Web portal..

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