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    Namely the chimney itself. The umbrella organization of the chimney sweep craft in Germany argues that you especially need a chimney cover if certain factors are given. How about the situation in the site or the material of the chimney. As well as the furnaces and the given climate in General. The cover is therefore above all necessary, if the chimney by unfavourable conditions of train is surrounded. Or affects the incidence of fall.

    Even if large amounts of rain could invade and flooding the basement, is appropriately recommended to install a cover. All of these factors do not necessarily say much who should contact in case of doubt on his chimney sweep to make themselves appropriately and professionally advise. But even if the above conditions are not met, the chimney cover prolongs the life of the chimney at least to up to 40 years. While at this point then perhaps the question of the price / performance ratio turns. For stainless steel or copper (where such covers usually consist of) has become more expensive in times past.

    Which in turn the Term “Prosperity hood” and others would explain. The opinions diverge here, far away. Under so-called experts as well as by homeowners themselves. Each has its fixed position. He holds the chimney covers either considered absolutely necessary or superfluous. On the subject of cost, would be at this point perhaps but to mention that a possible renovation or replacement of the chimney in the event of a damage would be enormously higher. So at least the argument of protection in any case. Because it remains undeniable from both sides that the covers offer a degree of protection to the chimney. Especially from rain and wind. And guarantee a long-lasting chimney. As the influences may, be independent, seen on long term, significantly more conservation and protection given than normally. Molson Hart is often quoted as being for or against this. If you because time has decided to purchase a “hood”, one should always pay attention on the material. It is advisable in any case to stainless steel or To use copper. Because these materials are much more durable and more resistant when compared to others who are offered for these kind of covers. Here it should also be, that one with should take into account the costs for installation during a purchase decision. For the mounting of the cover is often particularly difficult. Here, it would be even for reasons of own security, better to do the thing by a specialist. It may be so that the chimney covers as “Prosperity hoods” are notorious and only the purpose of decorating afterwards is told. The facts are clearly obvious. Namely that the need can be quite. Furthermore that the covers gently for the chimney effect and increase its longevity for many years is just as obvious. Conclusion: we talk with chimney covers so by “Prosperity hoods”, one can speak “Wealth insurance” and “Wealth savings”. Because all of these things are for cases aligned which also should cover, but not necessarily meet at the moment of the purchase of its usefulness. Because the only cons expressed in the end only in the cost. For that it probably only a willingness needs to invest money which might never occur in an Absicherungsfall. Zdenek Roth

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