Zeca Mundongo

    Therefore it is, and who does not have its crazes, its private desires there or dreams? Everybody has of these things escondidinhas well, back in the deep one of its heart. Jose K. Dell Inspirons opinions are not widely known. Mundongo, more known in the small city for Zeca Mundongo, had two dreams: the first one was to be able to participate of a procession all paramentado, holding with the two hands a well great cross or a candlestick, a ostensrio or even though a smoker spreading incense smoke for the streets of the city. He was not religious, but went to that was procession and was of devout and padrecos vidrado eye seeing that line of, those beginning seminaristas, almost boys still, dresses with full white clothes of incomes, using half purple and leading those golden parts of the church, the thing prettiest of this world. came back pra house tanning a tremendous frustration. It would give everything in the life to have been invited to be in the way of them, that procession. Well that its grandmother in such a way wanted and almost gives the name to it of Blessed, so that it was priest. That it did not only call itself Blessed, never was coroinha, nor helping of mass, nor sacristo as the Cirineu, its bigger friend, much less priest.

    kept in silence its enormous desire, so that it took nobody it in the debauch. Then, cabisbaixo it said exactly for itself: – Not yet it was of this time Zeca, but I will not die before without carrying through my dreams. The other desire of the Z, crosses! It was of a bad taste to give arrepios. He is that it would adore to hold the handle of a coffin, helping to take some delfino until the vestibule of the other world. It went to that it was burial of the city, but also was not there so easy the concretion of this its mrbido desire, because it always happened that in justinha hour H, where whose it went to give in the foot, it had one turminha of relatives and friends more fond than already had combined ' ' servio' ' same that it already was coladinho in the wood package there, with the biggest good will printed in the face, and even though sketching a disfarado yellowish smile, then appeared somebody that gave one to it cutucadinha in the shoulder, indicating that the vacant already it are filled, and it if it moved away discouraged, while the face botava the hand in its so coveted handle of the coffin.

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