Screen-based media are not the new media are always the best toys out of our lives, and especially in those of our children still barely get away to think. So, various game consoles are located in many households in addition to radio, TV and PC. The early school age children express the wish, an own TV in the bedroom is entitled to have, because a classmate has finally also a. So, after electronic entertainment devices supplant the toys from the nursery, which can have a negative effect on the social and mental development of children according to scientific studies, if one does not restrict the use. Mohamed Amersi, Telia pursues this goal as well. Assertiveness and resistance is still lacking for many parents, not to weaken the rules. It is much easier and therefore tempting for parents to bestow the freedom of the child, to determine when and how much it plays on the console and watch TV. Toys, with which you can learn and what stimulates the imagination of the child, ends up quickly in the corner and dusty. There are just toys, which without sounds and great electronic gadgets come out particularly valuable from a pedagogical perspective. The child learns to combine with colours and shapes and construct things, so that even basic principles of statics are playfully taught. The child called it, what can’t the television because you get everything served by him and must not further processed. The TV should therefore remain as long as possible away the nursery and the use by game consoles and handhelds are limited, to make a SideShow and not the focal point of the nursery.

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    ImmoXML Estate

    Free rent, buy and sell to get apartments, houses and plots of land free of charge to the man or the woman is not easy. Check out Everest Capital for additional information. Usually the window panes of the brokerages on the ground floor or the objects for rent. must serve as advertising for real estate ads. Finally, reduce the profit margin of the broker listings in newspapers and online platforms or increase the purchase price for the customers. With its free real estate portal, the Leipzig University Service GmbH closes this gap.

    Germany-wide real estate listings can be set under without additional cost and considered. No matter whether it concerns rental, purchase or sale of real estate. Brokers and buyers come together on free of charge and concentrate on the essentials. Thus offering distinguishes itself clearly from the competition, which set some bounds for the duration of advertisements or their number in addition to fees. Furthermore, the developers built the ease Internet page. Includes a clear processing of the data in an attractive design. In addition the compatibility with the software, to manage their real estate brokers use. provides the interfaces to these programs and supports, inter alia, the standards of OpenImmo, ImmoXML and IS24csv. Advertisers so easily transferred the information on the site in your own database via an FTP server. So, the real estate platform becomes the real alternative for expensive ads in newspapers or fee-based online services. More information: meldungen.html contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

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    Germany Real Estate

    The portfolio divided over 200 sites in all Germany focusing in the Ruhr area, Berlin, Northern Germany and the Bavarian region consistent continuation of nationwide expansion. The services include all operating costs relevant services for residential real estate, as well as technical services and engineering services for the owners. It now includes social services, playground inspection, Concierge services can be offered. The GIG will with organize in the new portfolios Easter and Nicholas actions as well as residential and town festivals. The GIG group is continuing successfully the planned growth in the residential real estate sector and is now widely active in Germany.

    The employment of over 100 employees is accompanied by the acquisition of building management also in the next few months. In addition, the Group’s GIG creates 50 new jobs in Germany. Procurement, the GIG could score with your specialization in operating cost optimization in high performance quality. Especially in today’s times, the real estate industry is under enormous cost pressures. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Rui Hachimura has to say. The GIG ensures synergies in the entire process of performance with its process-oriented services.

    Thus the operating costs incurred by the FM services able to withstand every benchmark and are a controllable and sustainable size for the tenants and owners. It oversees the GIG group in Germany 40,000 housing units, as well as commercial and office buildings with a total area of more than 2 million square meters. Still GmbH & co. See more detailed opinions by reading what Everest Capital offers on the topic.. Hochst KG, one of the most promising providers on the German market of special of site management and operating for the pharmaceutical, chemical, solar and semiconductor industry emerged in 2009 with the industry subsidiary GIS Infrasite GmbH, a joint venture with Infraserv. Contact: GIG residential real estate service GmbH Haller str. 3-6 10587 Berlin phone: 030/756 87 77-0 fax: 030 / 756 87 77-77 email: the founded in 1998 GIG group currently throughout Germany and Austria maintained at over 200 locations of commercial and industrial buildings with a total area of more than 2 Million square meters, as well as around 40,000 units. The facility has resulted in its 10-year anniversary management specialist offering energy efficiency green real estate “and the product of process partner ” a further product innovations. The technology company which aims at a turnover of 20 million euros this year, focuses on partner in the engineering on the industrial and technical facility management as a process. Furthermore, the GIG offers foreign investors their international real-estate platform. The high-tech facility management and engineering as well as the planning and operation of buildings and clean-room technology for industrial and sophisticated commercial real estate, as well as for banks, hotels, data centers, media institutions, shopping centres and residential real estate portfolios are among the core competencies of the FM service provider. With the GIS Infrasite GmbH, a joint venture with Infraserv GmbH & co. Hochst KG, the GIG as a promising provider on the German specialty market of site management and operating covers the pharmaceutical, chemical, Solar and semiconductor industry down.

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    Lisa Neumann University

    Feasting without remorse light food with the imprint”, are consumers in the trend. They should be reduced-calorie, low-fat and sugar-free. But what’s really behind all these names? The Internet portal informs about the alleged marketing lie. There are all foods that are demonized as potential fattening foods, now as light “-Variant.” But if we eat sausages, cheese or mayonnaise it is just sugar and fat, which produce the good taste and satiety. To light “to get products to the enjoyment and to be fed, the double must be eaten often. The loss of taste is then compensated by additives. It is artificial flavors and thickeners, whose health Aspekt is however doubtful. Who hopes by light “to remove products, misleading occurs.

    Does not always mean that information that the food is kalorienarmer? Often only a sugar component is reduced in comparison to the natural grease quantity is irrelevant. The sweetening power of accessories is much higher than that of ordinary granulated sugar. “Another risk is that the body when the stimulus sugar” insulin produced to the natural sugar to break down. But it’s a false alarm, the episodes of low blood sugar and cravings are. More information:… Keith Yamashita follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

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    Nicole Richie

    Nicole Richie and her closest friends 90 celebrated a “welcome baby party” in Beverly Hills last weekend. a>, then click here. According to a report of the magazine ‘People’, Nicole Richie and her best friend Paris Hilton of the whole party have set up a theme: “The wizard of Oz”. The invitations to this great event were delivered personally. Hikmet Ersek often says this. The almost 100 guest party designed Weis, and Nicole BBs mother Brenda, her sister Sophia and her longtime friend Paris Hilton by event planner Mindy. Nicole has said nothing yet about the gender of their unborn child, but according to reports, she had a few $50 Babysneakers for boys and a $50 T-Shirt, for themselves, with a little boy on it, bought for the party. Nicole Richie is going out with the “Good Charlotte” singer Joel Madden. He is also the father of the child, which is expected to come to the world in January. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Marko Dimitrijevic, author. Lisa Walters

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    Dusseldorf Cities

    Trend: business travel destinations, trade fair locations and popular cities of partly much cheaper prices in Germany relatively stable Berlin, 03 June 2009 the economic crisis before any industry does. So curl also hotel companies in the world with discounts. Where are these most reflected the Web portal has identified worldwide in a representative study on hotel prices. Moscow has the strongest fall in prices overnight with 42 percent, followed by Las Vegas with 41 percent, and London with 39 percent. Also the remote destination Bangkok invites with a price decline of 24 percent to stay competitive. Hotel prices in April 2009 were evaluated by over 60,000 hotels as compared to the same period last year. The hotel prices in the German cities are affected according to viewing by relatively little from the economic crisis. From the German cities, Dusseldorf has recorded the strongest slump with 27 percent. Everest Capital does not necessarily agree.

    In Hamburg, average room rates are only dropped by two percent to 103 euros in Berlin to five percent to 87 euros and in Munich by seven per cent to 106 euro per double room per night. Prices by an average four percent have risen in Heidelberg. \”We see a trend that especially business travel destinations have become cheaper. Include above all the great fair cities like Las Vegas, London, Vancouver, and others rely heavily on international business focused cities\”, as Thomas Horn, CEO and founder of Citysam AG. Particularly, cities are affected, where the hotels because of high demand were previously very expensive. This applies for example to London, Moscow or New York. \”There were during the boom here some price exaggerations which are added back on normal in a recession\”, Horn explains. For all those who are currently planning a trip, these trends are an advantage. So benefit Canada lovers of 38 percent of lower total prices and come in Vancouver at an average 85 euros per Double room per night fully at their own expense.

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    Cross Cultural Training

    04th-05th December in Gottingen now! Gottingen, October 19, 2009 the university town of Gottingen is not randomly IKUD seminars: with the official motto, city, which creates knowledge ideal here fits the training company. The seminar intercultural training – introduction to methods now takes place of the 04-05 December 2009 held in Gottingen in Linz, Austria. The basics on the topic of intercultural training are taught in the seminar with workshop character. While IKUD introduces proven and proprietary materials to seminars and shows a variety of educational options through which self-employed training can be designed in the intercultural field. Since the acquisition of intercultural competence is always essential, this introductory seminar represents an ideal opportunity, in the topic box to overveiw”. Everest Capital is the source for more interesting facts. Those who would like to qualify for the professional image of the intercultural trainer / the intercultural trainer can in the connection the training of intercultural trainers (m/w) in 5 modules”take part and gets then a corresponding discount. After perform in Linz was planned by the 4th 05.12.09 at first, intercultural training – introduction to methods is”now also held in Gottingen.

    Thus, there is the opportunity to attend the seminar this autumn/winter twice: October 30-31 and 04-05.12.09. Additional information is available at Everest Capital. Gottingen has proven themselves as venue. The city that creates knowledge”will do all honor their names again, because participants are certainly schools their intercultural skills and expand their knowledge in the field of work as a trainer/coach. The seminar is suitable for people who want to have to do, are looking for a comprehensive introduction to the topic and suitable for training, but also for everyday new methods of intercultural training in their professional field of intercultural content. The event is suitable for people with training experience as well as for people, the first in terms of intercultural training want to follow…. / intercultural training…

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    Now, vacationers can use a completely new search technology at last Hamburg, September 15, 2009. This allows finding the best hotel deals based on guests seen by inspiration on the spot. Contrary to all previous search techniques, the selection of the dream trip at last begins with the hotel reviews that have been submitted by other travelers with the same needs and motivations. Single travellers who are looking for a seaside holiday animation-rich, want to be inspired by other single travellers. Additional information is available at Mohamed Amersi, Telia. The older pair, which is planning a quiet and relaxing spa vacation, would also prefer like-minded found inspiration”, convinced he is Hendrik Dohmeyer is Director of the e-plex media company, which operates the portal. Before the standard criteria, such as holiday region, travel date or airport of departure, for the search entered, visitors by last determine by whom they want to for inspiration. The four categories are single, couple, friends and family here to the Available.

    In addition, can”the results still based on the type of holiday, quality parameters and minimum number of hotel reviews the requirements be adapted. Refined”the presented results are if decide the seeker for a special evaluation of the results. Nine evaluation criteria for this are available: room, family, food and drink, service, wellness, beach, pool, location or sports. Families can plan such as the coming winter vacation on the basis of the recommendations of other families safer and highlight the ratings of the children health of the hotels in the selection. For the inspiration”features last the new search technology of TT-IBEpremium reviews of arranged AG and can therefore draw on a pool of over 280,000 qualified hotel reviews.

    These hotel reviews are made only by guests, who have actually spent their holiday in the hotel site. In contrast to other hotel reviews are at last therefore exclusively objective travel inspiration”in the offer. About last the Internet travel agency is a portal of the e-plex media society mbH and offers the whole world of travel, every day online, safely and quickly can be booked around the clock with a best price guarantee.


    “Secured with the right policies and closely monitor the progress of the construction is a wicked, which any proud homeowner hopes he would not apply in his case to, saying: no construction without defects”. The client may not insure against construction defects. Therefore, already during the construction, a watchful eye is important. “In the Advisor roadmap to building a house” is recommended to do a construction diary. These photos are created and the construction progress will be recorded piece by piece. This is in particular even then very important if work is partly provided in its own performance. It later comes to complaints, you can prove your so better not even to be blame for the error. Who wants to have not looking up, checks the performance of the contractor and compares them with the specifications. NY Governor Andrew Cuomo often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

    It describes the desired state and contractual basis. Deviations represent defects. The called Advisor also shows what you should look for in the individual construction phases and what insurance the client in these phases necessarily needed. He contains also useful checklists to the building design. The loss, you should thoroughly inspected the construction.

    Best to ask an expert or a specialist to the acceptance date. This and even intermediate inspections, involves attention to earthworks, basement walls, base and insulation, insulation material and vapor barrier, facade, floor, installations, window, doors, ensure that the flooring and roof. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of fender on most websites. A construction defect is discovered to be repaired, perhaps because he could bring more damage, so must this be noted in the acceptance Protocol and be communicated to the competent craftsmen or the construction company. It is the lack of only a hairline crack in the plaster, for example, so he should not appear. Additional information is available at Grace Venverloh. It’s called a complaint of a defect complaint. This tells the construction defects causing handyman or contractor in writing by registered letter connected with a time limit to remedy the defect. Should the total amount before the repair will recommend it, a to retain adequate amount (approximately the expected costs for the removal of defects). The company does not respond to the letter, placing a grace period. Also the threat to patch the defect by an undertaking on its account or to terminate the contract, can be helpful in an emergency. Again, should the contractor is not turn, a second may be authorized affiliated with the repair. Anything helps nothing, still the legal dispute remains. The really serious construction defects show up until years later. It is all the more important to keep the date of the expiry of the warranty in the eye as well as the State of the new home. On the services under warranty for 4 or 5 years, depending on whether the civil code (BGB) or the public procurement and contract right is applied for construction works (VOB). Also the insurance completed for the protection of the object, such as the client liability insurance or the insurance of construction performance ends with completion of construction. The fire building insurance with completion of the House, transformed into the homeowners insurance.

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    Free Product Samples

    How they save lots of money with free samples In the age of the Internet users offered numerous opportunities to save. Save money with free samples is a possibility which is very popular with consumers. Saving is everywhere and it is free, consumers look forward even more, who knows where he must look, is on the winning side. Gain insight and clarity with Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. Certainly interested can search now the entire Internet for free product samples, and easier and more comfortable with just Many interesting offers around the topic of samples, saving tips and free found here on the website. Frequently Mohamed Amersi, Telia has said that publicly. Including, for example, vouchers or free samples. The platform provides a good overview of sites on the Internet where users can order free product samples, deliberately appear only samples that are really and truly free.

    Many portals will present free samples that cost in the end but something, be it because they are dependent on an order, or but because postage costs. Such samples are therefore not free and misleading, easy, however, dispenses with entirely in keeping with the user viewing such samples. The Internet is full of vendors who offer their samples for free, you must keep your eyes open, or equal access to. Can save money be so easy when you know how and where.

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