Month: August 2012

    Money Or Democracy That Is The Question

    The opaque, dirty and escabrosas interrelations that exist between the economy and the policy are more and more intense, and are many the tests that force to us to reflect about the present democratic mechanisms. How it is possible that people who have had their power as positions public happen, in hardly weeks, to being high positions in private companies? The pays that pay when leaving their political positions to them and the type of activity without another assignment that the one to grow or to mediate between borders thanks to the agendas acquired in the political life, force to pose many doubts on the honesty with which they have exerted his responsibilities in the State. They have guarded really by the public interest or, on the contrary, they have acted in agreement with his personal interests and the ones of his nearer surroundings? They would receive the same supplies if public had worked only by the interests? As he shows to the case of David Ivory palms, ex- director of the Economic Office of the President of the Spanish Government and who has stopped to happen to be president of SEOPAN, a group of interest formed by the main Spanish construction companies. But it would not have to be strange to anybody, have occurred an endless ones of similar cases lately: Tony Blair, Jos Maria Aznar, Schreder In the middle of the real estate crisis, Ivory palms took position in favor of which the government took part in the market of the house, going to the rescue of the real estate ones in hardships, and opposing again the Minister of Economy Who can think that is accidental? Quite the opposite. It is absolutely logical that the great companies that public live on favors, or their associations formed like interest groups, contract those people who during their respective political races have been to their service.

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    The Formation

    Ambient Justice, is thus: an emergent notion that integrates oprocesso historical of subjective construction of the culture of rights in the bulge deum expansion movement semantics of the human, social, economic rights, cultural eambientais. In the recent experience, ambient justice appeared strategical dacriatividade of the social movements, modifying the configuration deforas social involved in ambient fights e, in determinadascircunstncias, producing changes in the state and regulatrioresponsvel device for the ambient protection (ACSELRAD, 2005, P. 223). The fights for justice ambientalcombinam the defense of rights the culturally specific environments; the proteoambiental against the partner-territorial segregation and the inaquality ambientalpromovidas by the market; to the environmental resources, being contrary, therefore, aconcentrao of the goods ambientaisnas hands of the great entrepreneurs; as well as adefesa of the rights of the future populations, through the interruption dosmecanismos of transference of the environmental resources of the development for favored osmenos economically, a time that ' ' while males to ambientaispuderemser transferred to poor, the general pressure on meioambiente not cessar' ' (ACSELRAD, 2005, P. 226). Soon, the idea centralda ambient justice must be the mobilization of the biggest number of pessoasengajadas in the fight to bar the destructive pressure on the environment that de all we, but one fights conscientious of that the first step is to protect osmais weak. Only thus, ambient justice will be effectively a decidadania instrument.

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    When We Became Egoistic

    There are many ways to live, I believe that I choose the best one: to share! A reality that I lived today, like expectant is not story but without looking for it, within a store of supermarket in my city of work. A note was writing to publish it in my newspaper when something drew attention to me: One lady who had bought food arranged to leave the establishment accompanied by carryboy or assistant that the cart of purchases took, when suddenly one destitute lady, of provincial aspect approached to him to solicit from him that to buy some caramels to him that sold, when the lady of high class felt sorry itself and she asked to him the young assistant who lead to him to the patio of meals and she gave a ticket him so that she bought a consisting of food a coffee and emparedado of chicken. Thus the young person did and lead to the lady to the described place. It received the food and the young person returned to where the beneficient lady to accompany it to his destiny. In that I saw that the humble and poor lady left rauda the place towards the door. I believed that it had not liked the gesture that one and reacted against a possible attitude of " ofensa" when what did it went to call to its husband who beyond the corner also offered caramels to the passers-by.

    One approached and together both they went to the table and they shared the little food. When we stopped being shared in common to be egoistic? It is already hour to return to our human nature. All we are brother in this unique called house Earth. Dmonos manoy we watch the interior of our hearts that the reason of existing is to love. We make the change definitive to have filled the happiness heart. To share what we have is to revalue our human quality, is to secure through the reason the essence of men and true women. Merry Christmas! Original author and source of the article

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