Month: August 2013

    Maria Angelica Amador Lopez

    The warm waters of the Caribbean Sea off the coast of his native Cartagena inspired it to fall in love of life and study. Calendars of his happy adolescence served as a backdrop to his premature and happy romance with numbers. From very early became Professor of mathematics and between all numbers with which was struggling in the daily slaughter appeared one more: 900, corresponding to the nine hundred pesos a month she received as compensation for his work of white chalk and Blackboard green. A close family friend, Gustavo Gonzalez (known as Picacable), invited it some time to explore other lands and their inclination to the errancy, derived perhaps from the fact of having been born in a port facing the immense sea, led him to accept the proposal of the journey to land of which only knew your name and the fragmentary stories that spoke you of bordertrade, Indians and Arabs. He arrived in Maicao in 1968 and began working in the Paul VI College under the orders of Professor Luis Garcia, with a salary of nine hundred and fifty pesos a month, something more of what they earned in Cartagena, but with less performance, because now their expenses in a strange land were. But that land would not strange for a long time because in it he met Genara Lopez Casicotes with whom he would share the adventure of the family business that their most precious shoots born: Richard Joseph, Jose Carlos and Maria Angelica Amador Lopez, today converted into successful professionals, who appreciate their maicaera identity as well as their academic and personal accomplishments.

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