Month: April 2014


    Frightening times in Germany 2010 had to learn a profession at that time, it could feed the family as a family man and was more or less hedged against poverty. In times of vacuumed. Global economic crisis threatens almost every social descent. Not even a degree prevents this horror scenario. But it is often also the municipalities themselves, that still promote this poverty area by migrants and socially weaker citizens in certain areas are literally clenched together.

    To mitigate, so-called “ordinary people” are located in hopes to stop tipping off entire neighbourhoods. So not poverty after and after, but poverty from the outset by incorrect allocation and irresponsible planning. You before closing the eyes and creates ghettos, freely according to the motto, “it going to be okay”. But it is important to sort out the ‘Poverty’ at the root. Incentives for youth through hard work and a proper education system (helps the students to develop without roll only stone in the pathway of life) to to take more accountable to parents and fostering education through targeted measures rather than simply demanding to create.

    It must be created again more social responsibility in society, politics and business. While Karstadt and Hertie rolling heads at small earners, Manager – despite missing power – with Royal severance in the windfall summer break go. And then the general price trend, high rents, cost of living, to much taxes and levies, as “Otto-normal income earner” remains barely room to offer the children a good education. Why learn when later anyway only the unemployment beckons? Can be not addressed by empty promises and inaction that type of thinking. Here we all are, we give our youth but also all older people – fair chance through learning, hard work and employment to be able to lead a decent life.

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    Registration Of Companies

    The first stage of registration of enterprises in which the interaction of the applicant and the registration authority, is the time of the applicant documents. Authority for registration, may exercise all District Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service. To obtain a certificate on state registration of the applicant company must first determine the specific body (the place) where you want to submit relevant documents. This issue is governed by paragraph 2 of Art. 54 of the Civil Code and pp 2 and 3 tbsp. 8 of the registration. As a general rule, to register a legal entity when it was created to apply to the authority of the Federal Tax service, the territorial jurisdiction of which extends to the location specified by the applicants in the application for state registration of the permanent executive body, in the case absence of such an executive body – to the place of another body or person authorized to act on behalf of the registered enterprises without authorization. So, before you register a legal entity Applicants must determine the location of the permanent executive body, which will be decisive in choosing a particular registration authority. If the creation of a permanent executive body of the constituent documents do not specify the legislation provides two options for determining the location of the registering body: 1) it must be related to place find another body authorized to act on behalf of the registered legal entity without a warrant (for example, the general meeting for limited liability companies), and 2) it must relate to location person is also entitled to act on behalf of the registered legal entity without a warrant (for example, the manager, the sole executive body of economic society on the basis of the contract).

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