Month: November 2017

    Daniel Lopez

    The man becomes violent with the man himself, because humanity is immature, man is the only living being again tripping over the same stone, the man has the ability to evolve into apparent States of self-improvement, but improves selfishly, we have seen how slavery has shifted to feudalism, where the ceases to be an object property of its owner and the owner fails to treat him a little less than animal shape, then man continued feudalism there maybe I had a little more freedom but was still the owner of the land Lord squashing his servants. Capitalism and socialism followed and continued the same thing someone said the domination of man by the same man. In such a way that technology has evolved but the way to crush the dispossessed remains the same, and it will remain the same until the man cannot collect this stage of mental retardation, delay and social immaturity. Then follow while having rich and poor, there will be dominant and dominated because a wealthy more has more wants and a poor between It has less less can, because that which is above by selfishness and fear never wants to let grow at that this down, out of jealousy, the bad is that both the rich who has envy does not want to give up, the poor who also is jealous that cannot exceed.

    This is the main trigger for violence, social injustice, because the dispossessed to not have the amenities to live in a dignified manner, always seek underwater shapes in order to survive, here cannot be said that nobody is guilty or otherwise, but that has, everyone, open its level of human consciousness, the rich have to give and must know how to assignperhaps not selling everything you have and give to the poor, as he said the largest, but give better quality of life. And Yes, the rich have to worry, improve the quality of life of the poor, this is a social obligation, only because they live in the same village, in the same city, or in the same country; and the poor have to worry to overcome by leaving your State of ignorance, by their education to get better wages and better jobs, it may not be possible to let the bums lost in the street without assistance, cannot let the elderly or the disabled without help for a better quality of life, may not to let a sick mental sinking into an unreal world, because then why, everyone will be guilty of this current state of world or underworld, because now that we are living is not more than that, a State inframundanal of violence.

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    The Shortage In Germany Targeted Encounter

    Promotion of the German language essential for long-term commitment by foreign leaders of Mannheim, September 09, 2010. Shortage weakens the growth of an economy”, it says in the Wikipedia (1). Latest investigations showed that every third medium-sized companies in Germany has already problems to fill vacancies (2). The policy developed approaches again and again to the encounter of the impending problem. The meaningful initiatives the German campaign among language of the ideas certainly”of the Foreign Office and the Goethe Institute. “The aim of the campaign defines the Web site of the Foreign Ministry: the promotion of the German language is an important tool to develop long-term commitments mainly by future drain on Germany and to strengthen the economic, scientific and academics Germany.” (3) it comes the State so to bind foreign specialists and executives in Germany and its language.

    But also companies can easily contribute, foreign professionals beyond feel that the business location Germany again becoming attractive earnings and career opportunities. Suitable language courses and intercultural training foreign employees can integrate better into German culture. Especially in the learning and practical use of the language they should be promoted especially, to gain a faster and easier access to the German community life and to identify more quickly with the new environment. When writing texts, for example the use of professional correction software for non-native speakers can be a meaningful support when it comes to increase the acceptance of the new colleagues and colleagues in their work environment. In addition to spelling mistakes a good correction software also points out grammatical errors. You mark matching errors, tagged incomprehensible sentences or indicate incorrectly used commas. Such an aid is granted also for many speakers is valuable, because for any communication: ever more precise the wording of the texts and emails, the lower the potential for misunderstandings. Professional correction software from the House of Duden learners have an important tool at hand, that checks the text not only on an proper spelling and correct grammar, but also with sentence structure and learning the language for non-native speakers often difficult rules supports the user German.

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    Wristbands assume an important role at events if the visitors would temporarily leave the premises. The current Festival season has ended and it is time to plan the next year. Therefore the shop for wristbands from Flyer4Print ( already now offers intake ribbons and other accessories for festivals and concerts next season. Admission bands belong to the range of paper, plastic or fabric and to value brands, labels and textiles in the style of the event. The altmarkische Flyper4Print are set on next season already full.

    The specialist based in the vicinity of Magdeburg offers an extensive range of control strips of Tyvek, vinyl, fabric, and silicone, on request printed organizers of concerts or plain. Also entry tapes with are available in demolition and patient wristbands. Organizer can a different so depending on the concept of the Festival or the party depending on the day and ticket Inlet Band issue or use more robust tapes that be removed and replace have an important role in the regulation of entry. Wristbands assume an important role at events if the visitors would temporarily leave the premises. Replace the ticket. Because the inlet band could be exchanged, so that even people without their own ticket to get access, the shop for wristbands offered relevant bands for the inlet customers, communicate unauthorized leave. Fabric wristband, also the right tool is offered through an aluminium Cap tightly allows.

    The principle for wristbands is incredibly easy. Set so closely around the arm, that they is no longer on the wrist let, without being damaged. In the shop for wristbands customers will thus find entry tapes that must be torn down or cut off, to be removed. Can on request Print your inlet band with the motto of the event or advertising sponsor’s customers can be. The individualization of entrance strips from also reduces the risk, that bands from older events can be used to enter. Flyer4Print is an online shipping trade event needs. The range includes control bands also tickets and vouchers for beverage and food stalls, as well as an extensive range of promotional items. These include among other things posters and banners, flyers, stickers and business cards. Also Card cases and lanyards are available for the staff, as well as T-Shirts. All products can be directly online in the shop with your own design and personalize labels.

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    The Company

    Unit Economica – Social from the combination of different factors of production producing and making publicly available goods and services that demand, satisfying the needs of man. In short the firm is defined as a core production unit whose main function produce the goods and services that consumers demand. The business must relate to people, institutions and other companies. External environment. Consumers, suppliers, landlords, banks, government agencies. a Governor of REBNY.

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    The Car

    It was excessively, was hours thinking about it and attending everything there. When she left in the following day, took the garbage bag with the clothes that had used in the day that was to the shed. She went down until the garage and she inside played the bag of the lixeira. Later she left and she was to find the Tati, them went to the cinema. She came back late and she did not repair in a man stopped in the entrance of the building, before the sentry box. As soon as she passed for it, recognized the voice. – And there boy, you needing more money? – For that you here? – Necessary to make a delivery today and I remembered you. Topa for 200? – You not needing grana.

    Debtor. – Which is expensive, goes to refuse? I helped another day you, today who you needing I am. – He helped! I delivered the package and the face died. How it goes to help me to find when me? To kill it goes me? – How this, my brother! Spark was alone. Piranha that it tava with it is who must have placed very heavy thing launches in it. If it binds, this is very bad for the businesses! – I know not.

    Where it is the delivery? – Now, we start understanding in them, I today have one for and another one for tomorrow, if to topar the two takes 500. – Top. But not return here. I go to the shed, you on one? – Clearly, he commands. You order. He comes with me then until the car, you with the part here. They look in return before if moving away. Data made the two deliveries and took the Tati supper in a beautiful restaurant. In the following week, others two and gave entered in a motion with the credits.

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    Hubert Weinzierl

    An essential threatens with photovoltaics To be cornerstones of the energy turnaround stalled “, Hubert Weigerder Chairman of the BUND Bund fur Umwelt und Naturschutz in Germany. OLAF Tschimpke the President of NABU conservation Federal Germany e.V. speaks of a fully finished project”. The head of the DNR – Deutscher conservation ring, Hubert Weinzierl condemned “the weakening of the efficiency directive”. The question remains: how safe is the feed-in tariff at all? The system is installed, the remuneration that applies to this point, is guaranteed for 20 years. The State guarantees that. Who are so solar cells on the roof before the 9.3.2012, must not fear these cuts. The ever energy group has therefore a fast reconstruction plan for all ready, that would get even the full feed-in tariff.

    Who buys a photovoltaic system to the 5.3.2011 (date of receipt), which receives its photovoltaic system built before the 9.3.2012 and even the full feed-in tariff, up to roughly one-third more than from the 9.3.2012. See also: einspeiseverguetung Yes please feed-in tariff Yes please! Ever energy group: The ever Energy Group GmbH was founded in 2007 by the managers of Matthias Streibel and Dominik Modrach, headquartered in Berlin and has today more locations in Neuruppin, Dresden, and Munster. As an expert for the trading and sales of photovoltaic systems specializes in the company on individual solar and heating concepts for single-family homes. The ever Energy Group GmbH offers a complete package of services – from data acquisition, consultation, testing, installation, financing and tax advice. In addition, advises the companies also purchase and construction of solar carports, solar homes, heat pumps and gives foreign roofs for the construction of a photovoltaic plant in the new Lander.

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    In 1982, Ericsson launched the first mobile phone that worked in the GSM standard, and even had the very first multimedia features: a calculator and two games! Yes, unfortunately many of the features in that time there were no such phone can not play 3gp video, mp4 video clips and remove the camera. Since then you have not yet had the camera, as well as many other advanced features. In 1990, the same company has released a mobile phone which is full screenshot SMS, and Sagem in 1992 published the first phone from which you could go to the Internet through technology Dial-UP & GPRS. True, this phone was monochrome. At all ages protizhenii humanity felt the need to obschatsya rastayanii, ispolzuvalis different ways: signal lights, pigeons, etc. But over time, science has developed and has been found more convenient way to transfer data than all previous ones.

    Mobilyanaya relationship was bumpy and long road of development: in 1888 , a German scientist discovered the existence of radio waves, and this is the first step in the development of cellular communications. It was a lot of different escho discoveries, but that's the end of that company in 1973 to MOTOROLA Nnyu York put translated mobile station 50 storied Alliance Capital Building. This was the year of birth of cellular communication. This station would serve no more than 32 subscribers. First cell phone MOTOROLA named Dina-TAC, it weighs 1.15 pounds, size – 22,5 x12, 5×3, 75 inches and no multimedia features in this phone does not display and normal surfing on the net, he could not provide the user. A full-featured mobile phone with color display was provided by Nokia, he weighed only 90 grams and had a lot of time on multimedia capabilities. Until now, mobile phones being improved every day, and perhaps soon we'll hear about a new innovation, which zamenet us cellular and allow obschatsya seeing a one.

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