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    Markup Language HTML

    In ancient times, to convey to the masses of some of the information used by heralds and various forms of writing, as well as fine art. Over time, the possibility of presenting the information badly evolved. There were various "media": television, radio, countless newspapers, magazines, books, and finally the Internet. The Internet was originally divided into two camps: the e-mail and (World Wide Web). Many providers, Internet service providers deliberately separated these services are sold separately and internet access and email services and access to conferences usenet. In the end, the evolution of information put everything into place, and now most of today's Internet users do not have misconceptions about what services are provided Internet service provider.

    The most convenient for conveying information to the masses was the WWW – World Wide Web, consisting of sites. On Web sites, owners have the opportunity to post your information so that anyone from anywhere can access it. The main standard Internet sites was (and remains to date) Markup Language HTML, allows you to write text and "mark" it, ie, affect how the text and create links to other texts or paragraphs of this text. On the one hand the simplicity of the language has enabled many people who have no special skills, post information on their websites. On the other – has complicated the work of professionals who create now using the language inherited the basic concept of the original HTML, full interactive sites and portals.

    So, in short, can be developed as a modern WWW. However, despite the emergence of new technologies and continuous growth requirements for interactivity and ease of use (usability), the Internet is very much so-called "sites-sites" that are placed there by representatives of the dumping of the students or entrepreneurs are amateurs. If this site provides information about a person, a hobby or worldview – it's not so bad.

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    Governor Island

    In 1642, Peter Stuyvesant was appointed Governor. With him, the island turns into an important center of trade, and what sets It would become one of the main markets of slaves for the European colonies in America especially for Brazil, made this which gives a strong boost to the economic development of the colony. The island was occupied by the English in two occasions, ranging from 1800 to 1803, and from 1807 to 1816, both motivated by the Napoleonic wars in Europe. Almost simultaneously, occur the independence movements of the Hispanic colonies on the continent, which contributes to giving refuge to heroes such as Simon Bolivar, and with the participation of at least two of its key characters, such as Manuel Piar, liberator of the province of Guayana, and Luis Brion, who became Admiral of the Republic of Colombia. For the year 1863 slavery is abolished in the Netherlands, including in them the island of Curacao colonies, which leads to a severe economic crisis. Because of this, a significant number of its inhabitants emigrated in search of work, mainly on the island of Cuba, where work on the sugarcane plantations of sugar.

    The discovery of oilfields in Venezuela, in the early 20th century, specifically, in the Lake Maracaibo basin, leads to the establishment of one of the most important refineries in the world for its time. This gives a new impetus to its economy, and the arrival of a new wave of immigrants. During the second world war, military of the United States, laying down that the island is one of the main sources of fuel for the operations of the allies in Europe. Consequently, its port is besieged by Nazi Germany at various times submarine. On May 30, 1963 produced popular uprisings in the island, motivated by global contraction in the oil industry and the unhappy product of exclusion within its main industry.

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    Representative Executividade

    In this in case that, the person when assuming the guilt, and being importnciadevidamente quantified, can have the value of the obligation to pay, representadopela the signature of a check or a promissory note; b) Contract of purchase and sales or loan, etc., in which constao value of to be fulfilled obligation; c) Exchange, that it is the case of the guarantor of a notapromissria; Amongst the main characteristics or attributes the credit headings quepossuem, that give to agility and guarantee to them, are: – Negotiability represented for the easiness of circulaodo credit that the heading represents. Thus, a credit heading can sertransferido by means of endorsement (signature in the verse of the heading, being able the endorsement, black being in when it declares the name of the benefited one, and blank when not ofaz). – Representative Executividade of the guarantee of more agile collection when ocredor it decides to appeal to the judiciary one aiming at to the satisfaction of the credit. Aexecutividade assures a bigger efficiency for the collection of the crditorepresentado one. Sets of ten of species of headings of credit in Brazil, all elesregulados for specific legislation exist. For the intentions of this briefing study, we go to present the main ones modalities that guarantee the great majority dasoperaes of credit in the Brazilian market. They are: ) the letter of exchange; b) promissory note; c) check; d) duplicate 1.3. The CHARACTERISTICS OR BASIC PRINCIPLES OF HEADINGS DECRDITO the headings of credit in its more varied species keep in itself trscaractersticas basic, which are: 1.3.1. Cartularidade the cartularidade is the characteristic of the heading that has for base its existnciafsica or equivalent, that is, the heading has that to exist in its essence effective and representative comoelemento of the credit. Thus, a heading of crditoexiste while to exist its bond, that is, while to exist prpriottulo printed matter, not being also admitted copy for the purpose of dadvida execution.

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    New Startup Companies

    The Website Optimizer: SEM, SEO, usability with SENSational marketing can there be in the future a new term in the Internet marketing field. The startup company SENSational marketing focuses on search engine optimization as a core service and are available to companies from various sectors to the page. The Website Optimizer from SENSational marketing from Leverkusen do so gladly and with comprehensive solutions available. Founder of the startup company is the Dipl. kfm.

    (FH) Bastian Sens. SENSational marketing has a current sense for trends on the Internet and thus sees the economic success of its customer focus. By competent advice to operational services in search engine marketing and customer loyalty, for example, help with email marketing, SENSational marketing takes care of its customers. The services are aimed primarily at companies who want to generate more sales with their own Internet presence. The search engine marketing includes the website optimization and switching in this area by Advertising through Google AdWords. Alone, the optimization can help better find the website under relevant keywords in Google & co.. The value can be set of regional and supra-regional keywords.

    The page is better locate advertisements help to bring the company closer to potential new customers and communities of interest. The absolute advantage of company SENSational marketing lies in the integrated solution approach for the success of the Internet, which is extra prepared by experts on the needs of the company. For example, a new corporate identity for the web to be created, SENSational marketing is exactly the right partner for you. The aims and goals of our customers at all provided all services to the fore, so that they themselves can decide, are headed as the visitors of its website, what to see and what to click on. Ultimately many targets can be implemented if the own possibilities are known and researched in online marketing. Bastian Sens

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