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    Systematization of the factors responsible for the birth and development of feelings of love, showed that some of the factors themselves, not related to the attraction and needs, in turn, actively influence them. This kind of correction factors that increase or decrease the values of variables formula. For example, K2P6 – a specific value factor that takes into account the psychological impact on the surrounding solution partners with their everyday problems. Can say coefficient of ‘in-law and mother in law’. The format does not permit to elaborate on the justification of the variables and factors that make up the formula just want to-plained that the location of the variables arbitrarily, in place beginning or end of the formula in no way linked to their relevance.

    Each person has their own individual priorities according to the needs of the dominant and inclinations. Speaking of the units, which are expressed variables, remember that psychology is not mathematics and in our case, the formula – it’s not the way of calculation, it is a tool to analyze feelings and identify critical points in the relations between partners. Numeric values assigned to variables, only indicate the level of influence of a factor on the situation in general. Therefore, each expert can establish their own scale of measurement. Practice has shown that for the better of the first perception and comfort.

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    Cost Control

    Cloud computing offers small business savings potential Office 365 for small businesses by Robert Orescanin, Dipl. Eng. architect our needs to a functioning IT infrastructure grow constantly. It was customary to carry out his professional activities at a fixed location five years ago the motto is now everywhere, everything, always! The mobile IT benefits infrastructure especially in the area of enterprise IT significant requirements to technical know-how. Here are costs that are not always clear to quantify in advance of planning overhead. Just that quick a baseline budget expenses in the area of IT services such as support, consulting, and administration the sight. Caused by the ever faster changing technical standards on the region he IT can bring quite serious has already been taken planning and budgeting miscalculation in financing future projects. Each company, which must be competitive and wants to remain, today is constantly changing, which the Information technology is undergoing, escape.

    Here the cloud can offer especially for young and medium-sized enterprises a quite interesting technical and financial solution technology. SaS as a cost control under the term SaS (software as a service) not quite new idea to rent software, depending on the needs of each client, monthly or annual in the typical license model to distribute, in which the customer acquires a license to use that particular software, but software products no longer hides. Microsoft offers here an adult and well-thought-out solution for sizes of business whatsoever in the field of Office and Communications Office 365. Other providers like Adobe offer comparable solutions and products in the areas of creativity and design. The possibilities of the cloud solution Office 365 by Microsoft are budget-technically very interesting especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. Just in the look down on running costs in the companies and investments are often hurdles to the not always easy cope are you on the one hand wants to be on the safe side, license costs, backup, security, and follow on the other hand the steady technological progress.

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    Office Stationery

    No one office can not exist without the stationery. In many companies, more than that provided for maintenance department, which deals with all the necessary supplies for their own employees. The first thing that almost always bought in especially large quantities – a paper for the office. To date, regardless of scope, all firms publish various kinds of contract, accounting documentation, various drafts of reports and so on. In most cases, the amount of paper. Among other things, to complete the work required of each employee office stationery: pens, pencils, markers, rulers, scissors, eraser, folder, recorders, notebooks, diaries, envelopes Professional business manager is satisfied in his own work the Internet. Having in your browser favorites a couple of sites which, in turn, are engaged in the sale and supply of stationery. Business executive might well hope for a high-speed, and great quality work done. Now just think for a moment, if such an employee in charge of stationery supplies to office, the firm will not. Despite, all our erudiruemost and ingenuity with which almost always can get out of each situation, work without office supplies can be stalled. Therefore, it is important to remember about the most necessary almost constantly and regularly.

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