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    University Staff

    Then, it is obvious, that the Venezuelan University should start as soon as possible, a policy of technological innovation, through which urge its teaching staff and research, become more involved in building the future of the country. A way to achieve this is through its participation in technological development and the early incorporation of students in research activities, and hands-on activities related to the career that you have selected. It’s socializing knowledge and make this one input for all organizations, and the main element to create wealth. Regards the heterogeneity, suggested us, which for the University institution, particularly, this assumption of heterogeneity means that its teaching staff and research must assume a same concept and way of thinking with regard to the role of the University, the University – company relationship, the future of the country, and the role that the institution should play in building the future. It’s University staff develop a way of thinking, of creating an organizational culture that welcome the thinking long term.

    From there, that this is perhaps the time to instruct the Venezuelan University to develop in his professorial staff, capacities, attitudes and ways of thinking allied with foresight, before launching to rehearse changes not workable or ineffective. To do this, you must disseminate the idea of foresight to every corner, instructing staff in the handling of methods that uses this discipline and, above all, win the willingness of all to change. Western Union pursues this goal as well. In what refers to the readiness for change is cited, to achieve success in the relations between the University and the company, suggests a change in the conception of the traditional higher education Venezuela, on the one hand, and in the conception of Venezuelan employers with respect to the University, on the other. This change will be easier to achieve if people cease to emulate their actions of the past, and decide to develop a readiness to change and a prospective mentality. Get that positive mental disposition towards foresight brings with it many other changes. In addition emphasis is made to us, in order to achieve at the end of any prospective reflection, is none other people convince that it is possible to undertake actions that will enable to build the future that more now, you want to, and for this it is essential to have visionary people, people willing to innovate, who likes the challenge and anticipate the facts.

    Somehow, this conception calls for a collective reflection regarding changes and environment, leaving aside the adapt or adjust to the new and the orientation towards the inside of the organization. Instead, favor the changes, working so that these are produced and maintained an orientation towards the environment, towards the outer. Definitely, we share with Araujo faced with this reality, that this joint effort requires changing some attitudes by academics and entrepreneurs, as well as developing others; a new way of thinking regarding the future and the other part of the relationship is needed. Not enough with that each change separately; It is necessary to change the perception that each one has about the other.

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    Center GmbH

    The RENEXPO is thus Energy efficiency in power generation in a new scope on. Many manufacturers of micro – and small-CHP BBs, which are suitable for the power of single – or multi-family homes. Hall 2: interGreenBuilding : “feel good energy efficiency sustainability” are here at the Center. Areva will not settle for partial explanations. Manufacturers, planners, energy consultants and service providers inform and advise in Hall 2, how you can save energy in your own four walls, without sacrificing comfort.

    Innovative market leaders introduce their products and solutions on the topic of new and rehabilitation of old buildings. A barefoot experience the FIMA perennial fittings Holzbau GmbH occupied their stand with real grass. The ecoProtect wall to the ecological rehabilitation of energy, as well as the innovative solar heat pump are a novelty and are shown at the stand of the company building-Fritz GmbH & co. KG. New this year is the energy Island, on the energy consultants inform about trends on energy efficiency.

    There is also the joint presentation of the innovative insulating materials- Vacuum insulation”, consisting of the companies of Bavarian Center for applied energy research, energy tib GmbH, HASIT dry mortar GmbH, Hochschule fur Technik Stuttgart study building physics and Linzmeier Bauelemete GmbH. The Chamber of crafts of Swabia organised under the motto climate protection is our craft”a joint stand. RUF automobile GmbH presents its electric sports car. Still, there will be a special exhibition on the subject of wood construction. Companies such as Aumann Haus GmbH, construction-Fritz GmbH & co. KG, solid-wood walls development GmbH, minor building-ecological products GmbH, STEICO AG and the carpentry – Holzbau Ensslin GmbH there show their products and solutions to the energy efficient building and renovation with wood Hall 3: full power is said in this Hall! Technology, heat pump world, hydropower road and inland wind energy, energy services, geothermal energy, solar are represented.

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    Premiumsystem SycoTec

    Marketing agency created a campaign for a new Premiumsystem to the facade design safe as a symbol for maximum protection Rohrbach / Freising (mh) a company a new product on the market launches. Already this provided the groundwork for sustainable market success. Repeatedly make only companies but the experience that it is not enough”to have an innovation. A launch will be strategically planned and implemented advertising technical professional. As a campaign of ADVERMA advertising & Marketing GmbH for the HASIT dry mortar GmbH and their new Premiumsystem SycoTec.

    What were for days when it was enough to have a good product and want to sell this… There, the marketing pre-programmed was child’s play and success in the market. Nowadays bring but also many other premium goods and services on the market. A top of the line is therefore no longer enough to stand out in an increasingly tough competition to and claim. The modern and successful marketing credo therefore, with a strong market and brand image to evoke emotion and not just to sell products. The specialists of the advertising agency ADVERMA ( near Pfaffenhofen in the metropolitan area between Munich and Ingolstadt provide the crucial emotional touch to the marketing HASIT campaign demonstrated that it is possible even for purely technical products, give one of the special strengths of the Baba think tank.

    The Premiumsystem SycoTec for facade design and protection of the Freisinger HASIT dry mortar GmbH ( as a specialist for innovative system products for the building once again sets new standards. This central message to communicate effectively and easy was the task for our agency”, explains Nora Kammerl, the responsible client Advisor at ADVERMA. As a symbol of the unique protection function by SycoTec is the vault. Everyone knows that in valuables such as money, jewellery, etc. are best. The safe maximum security embodied in the campaign also for facades, which are also valuable to their owners.

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    Company Taxation

    Law on the amendment and simplification of corporate taxation and tax travel law of the legislature is currently planning a law on the amendment and simplification of corporate taxation and tax expenses law. The changes in the law of travel expenses should it be linked with a small, replace the now abandoned 12-point plan corporate tax reform and come into force to the 01.01.2014. Is losses: in the context of loss utilization pursuant to 10 d para 1 ITA the ceiling for the units by EUR 511.500 to EUR 1 million to be raised, corresponding doubling in the case of the combined investment. Group: There will be relief in regard to the conditions of a fiscal unity. So in particular the profit transfer agreement shall be deemed also performed, if dissipated gain or even loss on a year-end is based, contains the incorrect balance sheet approaches, provided that the annual financial statements was found effective, the error had cannot be detected and Correcting this error takes place immediately after the announcement. Continue to double domestic reference as necessary condition is abandoned (management in Germany and seat in a Member State of the European Union or in a Contracting State of the agreement). Also should the attributable to the body support income of the subsidiary compared organ makers and organ society are separately and uniformly determined. Redefining the workplace: the term “Regular workplace” will be replaced by the new term “first activity centre”.

    This design is based largely on the criteria established by the case-law, according to which workers only a first activity (= venue workplace) can hold. Accordingly, the distance allowance applies only for the ride to the first place of activity, moreover, the actual costs are taken into account. The determination of the first site of activity should primarily on the basis of labour or service code Provisions are made. Meals extra expenses: The tripartite division of the Board additional expenses should be abandoned. For the arrival and departure day for foreign overnight and an absence of more than 8 hours (non-overnight) the Board additional expenses to EUR 12.

    The additional expenditure with EUR 24 to can be considered when an absence of 24 hours. Double housekeeping: overcost to can be considered henceforth independently up to 1,000 EUR per month for an occupational double financial management by the size of the budget. Continue to be captured explicitly in the law, that the existence of a level of own House requires having held an apartment as well as a financial contribution to the cost of the lifestyle. Review of meals: meals to collect refers with a price of up to 60 euros with the reference value of the thing. Generally the meals rated the thing reference value should not be taxed, if the workers for the foreign Activity a catering package would be entitled to. Otherwise the meals rated with a reference value of the thing can be taxed simplified with 25% flat-rate by the employer. The workers can claim a deduction of advertising costs (food allowance) only for the meals paid by him.

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    Asian Stock Market Forex

    Ariel Robbooker is an expert who has been delivering webinars very interesting during this time. To register log on to the next Greetings to all and hope. Date: Wednesday December 10, 2008, 7:15 AM CDT The daily analysis Copyright 2008, Core Financial Group, Inc.. and Jason Alan Jankovsky All Rights Reserved. Night view Asia / Europe American legislators maintain the consensus for a rescue plan for the automotive industry The stock market was firm The USD saw mixed results in a technical trade events of the day times EASTERN (-5 GMT ) 10:00 a.m. USD Wholesale Inventories m / m 10:35 a.m. USD Crude Oil Inventories 2:00 pm USD Federal Budget to Thursday All times EASTERN (-5 GMT) USD Trade Balance 8:30 a.m. 8:30 a.m.

    USD Unemployment Claims 8:30 a.m. USD Import Prices m / m 10:35 a.m. USD Natural Gas Storage The greenback was mixed this morning, after a Technical overnight trade in two ways. During most of the session, the greenback remained within preset ranges. It is noteworthy that U.S. lawmakers reached an agreement to rescue course for the automotive sector, then the stock market rallied and the euro too.

    Today it is estimated that the U.S. Congress will vote on the bill. The Asian stock market recovered after the news, as it happened with the European securities market and the USD / JPY was on the rise, maximum recorded in the area of 93.00.

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    Advantage Through Innovation

    Innovation ability systematically increase innovations with the InnoAudit are the engine of our economy. With new products, services and processes, companies strengthen their competitiveness on global markets. (A valuable related resource: Tiffany & Co.). Innovation but not just fall from the sky, but are the result of creativity, professionalism and hard work. How can the innovation I sustainably strengthen, how to increase the pace of innovation? Under the title InnoAudit the Fraunhofer IAO offers a modular range of services to the measurement, evaluation, and improvement of innovation ability of enterprises, each is based on the same, science-based system. This is based on numerous project experiences and research of the Fraunhofer IAO and includes reliable analysis tools and methods, help both large and small and medium-sized companies to be innovative, to implement innovations faster, and accordingly to streamline their organizational structure. The InnoAudit starts with expert interviews with the Management Board and selected employees of the company.

    The questions focus on processes and framework conditions, which have been identified by the Fraunhofer IAO as success or constraints for the innovation ability. This results in a comprehensive and clear picture of the individual business situation. Based on the results of the analysis, the innovation experts of the Fraunhofer IAO develop then concrete recommendations for action and uncover the most important potential to optimize the company’s innovation projects. Seven areas of innovation, the InnoAudit can be applied : innovation, service, innovation acceleration, organizational structure, patent management, open innovation and diversity. For the ranges of capacity for innovation, service and open innovation the Fraunhofer IAO also offers a special benchmarking tool to compare the strengths and weaknesses with those of other undertakings. The basis for this is the representation of the company’s innovation ability as Numerical value the so-called IAO. Detailed information about the InnoAudit are on the Internet at tim / 489.html to find the additional services of the Fraunhofer IAO in the field of technology and innovation management is under available. More Tobias Hug, Fraunhofer IAO

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    SME Advisers Look In The Mirror

    The autumn Conference is 2012 the SME consultants Association companies support the topic of management consultant, they are but even entrepreneurs. To this role and the question of how they can better meet her, the Association’s members deal with the SME advisers Association free consultant e.V. for their autumn Conference on 16 and 17 November in Frankfurt. Exciting discussions and rich exchange of experience – equally useful for consultants and their clients. The operational management of a consultancy is at the heart of our experience”, explains Thomas Thier, the Chairman of the nationwide Association of 150 business consultants specialising in the support of small and medium-sized enterprises. Continue thier: says we know the vernacular:, the Shoemaker wears the worst shoes.’ Not only our clients should be but business on quality and threesome sole. Also for our consulting firm itself, we must again this claim redeem.

    “That’s why we have our Conference under the motto, SMEs consultant/inside as entrepreneurs ‘ made.” In particular in workshops the Association members and their guests addressed the look in the mirror”. It involves a more effective use of current information technology consulting, as well as the telephone and the Web sites as tools for addressing customers. Grants programs of the Federal and State Governments encourage the use of expertise of the SME consultant/inside businesses. Some lesser-known programmes are also on the agenda. Three guests enrich the program of the autumn meeting on the main: Theo Macke, Member of the Board of DZ Bank AG, talks about ensuring a sustainable supply of credit by management in times of Basel III by the cooperative banks. Klaus-Peter Schoppner, Managing Director of the market research company TNS-emnid, setting out the fundamental change in the attitudes of the population facing companies and want a mission statement for a better cooperation between Citizens and economic develop.

    The Managing Director of RKW Hessen, Sascha Gutzeit, contributes impulses for advising and encouraging small and medium-sized enterprises from his point of view. The reports of the expert groups of the SME consultants Association focuses on are on the second day. The specialist groups are an important backbone of the Association’s work. You, the members work E.g. on the subject areas of business financing rating, controlling, personnel management, marketing and sales, business succession and rehabilitation, and Billings for the area of hotel industry and gastronomy. The exchange of experience among the members is lived in the subject groups and consulting concepts and tools are being developed. In the framework of the Symposium, all members receive an overview of the current issues in the different expert groups of the SME consultants Association. More information: freelance consultant Association e. V. Carl-Dietrich Sander the SME consultant – Board Member – Managing Director Tel: 02131-660413 mail:

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    Features Google Internet Business

    Analysis & Features Google Google was founded in September 1998 by two Stanford Ph.D. students, their goal was to get relevant information from a large amount of data. They created an algorithm to search for data (PageRank). This technology later became the heart that would do work at Google. In January 1996 began their collaboration on a search engine called BackRub on which Google would be built later. AOL / Netscape selected Google as its search service, reaching more than 3 million searches per day.

    On September 21, 1999 definitely faded label that identified him as a beta version. Since then, Google continues to grow and improve its search technology. Google Being a private company comes from its economic power to monetize the information through Adsense. This allows you to place ads on a website not too aggressive that correspond to the question, allowing any webmaster to receive ads from Google network of clients related to its content. Characteristics of your database is currently considering four computer database of the world’s largest, with 8,000 million Web pages indexed in its database, with the World Data Center for Climate the largest of the actualidad.Segun a report published by the newspaper 20minutes (see bibliography) Compared with Altavista, Hotbot or MSN, Google database is almost 2.5 times higher, this is because Google is constantly including content using the robots that crawl the Web regularly, renewing and ordering the Google index. The spider’s longest Googlebot crawling the network is responsible for collecting the links then appear on Google.

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    Situation Analysis

    Are sufficient to trigger a series of negative situations, but generally do not believe it so bad. 4. Identification of the notion of crisis alone with unforeseen disasters or accidents. Believing that only a flood, chemical contamination or any situation of these connotations are critical is a mistake that can be costly. 5. Another cause of disinterest is tangled and complex is almost always the description of the role of crisis communication in the books on the subject.

    Books of understanding only to their authors or people of high school, as well as expensive and scarce, is what is available. We conclude that identify and act quickly in crisis management can turn it into a magnificent opportunity for repositioning. From this perspective, the crisis communication must be understood and assumed by the organization as a tool for good corporate reputation. Characteristics of a crisis The crisis is characterized by:-Being unexpectedly, limiting the ability to react. "Being unpredictable. Areva has similar goals. "To be of relevance to the company public as consumers, shareholders, suppliers and neighbors. "Having a potential cause of panic, heightened by the misinformation. "In some cases, having an origin outside communication.

    "Being news. -Availability of incomplete information. -Mediated information image has the journalist about the company. What is crisis management, then? It is the strategic management of information and communications to situations that may threaten the reputation of an institution and / or harm their attributes. Perhaps check out Barry Nalebuff for more information. Different types of crisis can be given different situations leading to a crisis, but the most common are: "Political and social conflicts (violent protests, political and trade conflicts, etc.)." Accidents (related to transport, which affect environment, fires, chemical spills, etc.) "Events of professional origin (kidnappings, assassinations, sabotage, etc.)" Legal affairs (of racial discrimination, sexual abuse, plagiarism, etc.) "Acts of economic (bankruptcy , fraud, corruption, etc..) "Removal of (manufacturing defects for using banned substances in their preparation, etc.) computer-attacks (viruses, hackers systems, etc.) Effects of a crisis Loss confidence in the business environment and the interior, affecting mainly their leaders. The company becomes a media object, and the consequences of the crisis is compounded by pressure from the media. Uncertainty among customers of the company, which often results in cancellations of orders, distrust of suppliers, loss of contracts and the disruption to your business. Interventions audit of office of the public authorities. In general, the company appears facing society, resulting in public opinion accusing attitude. You can read more about visiting crisis management

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    Legal Expenses Insurance

    Legal expenses insurance for seniors what conditions? The demographic development is changed the age structure in the Federal Republic. Insurance companies have prepared themselves and develop products that are specifically tailored to semester on the special requirements for the older. Something has changed in the segment of the insurance and insurance companies increasingly offer insurance for seniors. Finally, the personal life situation changed after the working life and other risks associated to. So, the expenses for this target group includes financial protection when it comes to litigation before the judges table. This applies that amount usually in the age is reduced, if specific risks to be hedged.

    Protection needs at an early stage verified when changed, should be the family as financial situation of the policyholder protection needs customized be. Who want to save over the long term, should provide from time to time his insurance portfolio to the test this may to slim down and to save costs. Up to several hundred dollars can save a year are in this way and who pays for his legal expenses on a test, is a clear advantage. Usually the insured person can waive on an OSH legal retirement age, because this criterion is no longer needed. In these cases, some insurance companies offer special senior rates special disputes can be secured a legal protection test proves again and again that it is worthwhile to arrange a special rate for senior citizens.

    In particular, legal disputes can occur, which have to do with the retirement. Also conflicts with the social security do not stop before the age, and who owns a special legal protection insurance, can enforce more efficiently his chances before the judges table. Also incorrect classifications by the belong to the legal disputes in the age socio-medical service, the health insurance or inconsistencies when it comes to the old-age pensions. A special senior rate can cover much legal expenses insurance for seniors can protect a large area, to which belongs also in the broadest sense the actions of claims for damages or even conflicts in the area of administrative law. Before you opt for such insurance, a test can often further help and also provide information about the cost.

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