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    Sculptures And Paintings To Watch, Think, And Wonder About

    Wochenendausstellung ‘ time witness nature ‘ in Donauworth, one makes their works made of wood, stone and Stahl international of talk. The other boasts large screen images as well as with small, fine painted diary entries, his images of the day. Together to find Tanja Roder and Gerhard Marquard now when the Wochenendausstellung are time witnesses”in the final arsenal. At the opening on Friday, the 16th of March at 19:00 and on exhibition days Saturday and Sunday, are 17th and 18th March, each from 10:00 until 18:00 shows: Two very different artists can be quite some connect. “The theme of man and the intense closeness to nature both have together some exhibits look as if they had created together”, gallery owner Daniela Portner, who has designed the exhibition reveals.

    Portner Gallery art universe since 2009 in book village resident is known for exhibitions with flair, such as in the Botanical Garden of Augsburg or in the rectory of Gempfing. The exhibition in the Zeughaus is the double premiere: is type universe in Donauworth to guest for the first time and for the first time the two award-winning artist Marquard and Roder exhibit side by side. Gerhard Marquard, residing in Landsberg am Lech, outlined much outdoor, get inspiration from nature for his work and most recently made headlines with its images of the day. Since 2011 Marquard holds daily contemporary, seen and felt in an image, 1000 uniques are to be built in 1000 days. Tanja Roder nature is for artistic model, material donor and art room at the same time; some of her sculptures grace public plazas. The sculptor, whose Figuren are often life-sized, always but emotion – and peppy, a standing open to the visitors gallery sculpture garden in their adopted land of Pfaffenhofen has since 2008.

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    White Coasts

    With Auto Europe counter In the car enjoy the first warm rays of the Sun spring on four wheels and explore picturesque coastal roads: Car rental broker recommends for next spring. It is varied on a tour of Palermo up to Messina on Sicily’s coast. The white cliffs punctuated by numerous coves with sandy beaches, offering panoramic views of the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. Follow others, such as Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and add to your knowledge base. Special highlight is a visit to the ancient archaeological site of Tyndaris North of Messina. Here invite the Basilica with a Roman arch Gallery and the Greek-Roman Theatre from the 3rd century BC to a stop. For a week beginning April a Fiat’s Panda or similar with air conditioning 149,-euro available.

    A VW can be similar as 199,-euro rent golf with plenty of storage space for luggage and souvenirs. Viva Espana enjoy and experience even the Iberian Peninsula attracts in spring with pleasant temperatures of 20 degrees Celsius. In Spain enjoy every day the Mediterranean ambience road travellers with a multi-day tour of Malaga to Barcelona. Past on the beaches of the Costa de Sol, shopping to Barcelona or a stopover in Valencia with the own car hire from Auto Europe is spontaneity made easy. For a week in early April a Toyota Aygo is available including air conditioning from 90,-euro without excess in case of damage or similar.

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    Andy Borg

    The Rainbow has seven colors. 14 tracks are complementary to a musical image gallery which “there in the sky”. Toshiba takes a slightly different approach. The nuances are what make life so colorful and appealing. The dreams live in the wide blue between the lines. With the Swiss singer Monique Andy sang Borg “Friends for life”. On the “island of love” and “Portofino” he was actually, chats the Viennese entertainment artist, so his refreshingly modest occupation of the successful Stadl “-heads, from his vacation day book.” “If your life” again tells a tale, who then asks the one or the other time: what am I doing wrong? “Where is the love” has answered the question recently Borg Andy for himself. The lines from the pen of the meanwhile deceased Boney M.

    Texters Fred Jay have accompanied the skilled car mechanic for over 28 years. The native of Vienna who also privately has gone a long way to get admits however been stepmotherly and misunderstood in a cardboard box with demos that have taken so many moving”. Until now the time was finally ready and Andy discovered the song offered in the early years of his career rummaging to find the best songs for himself: the text has accompanied me for 28 years. Now I know the meaning to appreciate. It is unimaginable for me without my Birgit to be!” The option Bayer can say out of full conviction: “Bella Picolina”, “I got you”. The Deluxe Edition of this album CD “Blue Horizon” pop able also offers an exclusive “hit-Medley” by Andy Borg, as well as a bonus DVD with four previously unpublished video clips of his current title of “I got you”, “where is the love”, “Blue Horizon” and “Summer in Ibiza” (take me to Ibiza). Source: MCP sound & media GmbH / VM records more information: and TV dates: 28.04.2012 ORF/ZDF 20.15 welcome Carmen Nebel 05.05.2012 ORF/SF/ARD 20.15 clock Musikantenstadl 20.05.2012 ARD 10:00 again Sunday 27.05.2012 ZDF 11.00 clock ZDF television garden

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    Rudiger Schottle

    The Tyrolean Musicbanda Franui which has long since reached cult status in Austria, will perform their beguiling mixture of painful beautiful melancholy and vibrant talent equal in two concerts. First is the Austrian actor Klaus Maria Brandauer, known from film, television and the Grand Theatre stage with a concert reading of Shakespeare’s Midsummer night’s dream in Hanover to guest. The old Orangery in the mansions is Gardens Festival Cinema, combining selected films with live music. Fritz Lang’s recently restored film await this new concert format including metropolis accompanied by the ensemble modern and the silhouette film the adventures of Prince Achmed by Lotte cleaner from the 1920s. Purifier movie is a revision Original film music, accompanied by the Austrian ensemble for new music.

    The so far only rarely realized, shown in New York and Seville installation Theatre Garden represents an art classic bestiary. The newly designed by Rudiger Schottle specially for the KunstFestSpiele Herrenhausen, crystalline landscape installation consists of thousands of pieces of sugar. The installation will be seeing during the duration of the Festival from May 27 to June 30 in the foyer of the Orangery. With two installations and sound performance is also the Viennese composer and artist Georg Nussbaumer to guest who has attracted attention at the last Donaueschinger Musiktage. Venue of the Festival this year is the fascinating scenery of one of the most beautiful parks in the world: the herrenhauser gardens. More than 400,000 visitors convert annually through the three hundred-year-old baroque gardens. The Orangery, the gallery and the large garden in the summer again become the Green stage of the KunstFestSpiele Herrenhausen Festival, in Europe the tradition of Baroque Absorbs garden parties.

    The diversity of the programme and the resulting dialogue of disciplines are in the spirit of the universal scholar Leibniz, who originally coined the spirit of this place. Thus, the KunstFestSpiele build a bridge between tradition and modernity. The advance ticket sales for the year’s KunstFestSpiele Herrenhausen starts on March 1, 2011. The website has been redesigned for the second KunstFestSpiele. Here all information to the Festival, the programme, events and dates and of course to advance are available now. The latest press releases and press photos for free download are available on the website available.

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    Art Language Literature
    Berlin – German officials exhibits have rejected claims that the bust of the pharaonic Antiquities Queen Nefertiti, cultures hailed as the world’s most beautiful woman, was smuggled from Egypt using a list art history artifacts of almost a century Egypt ago. having taken over the galleries from his father, S. , now runs the two galleries The assertion that the distribution civilizations of archaeology estimated t …
    Science Daily Mesopotamia
    A bust made of marble effigy of a thumbnail image of a bearded male in 1968 head was discovered in the excavations of the walls around Jerusalem gallery National New York City and Geneva Switzerland Park. The statue was used as the Greek World and the Roman Empire a suspended weight with S. a balance scale. it is quite clear that when you are in Geneva you must pay a visit to and his art gallery, galleries This ancient Egyptian antiquity is probably the only antiques discovery of its kind in the excavations in the country.
    Berlin / Cairo – German the Near East archaeologists have misled Egyptian customs officials so they can smuggle the bust of Queen Nefertiti in Berlin for Mesopotamia almost a century ago, sculptures based on a secret document unearthed recently. The is exhibiting German magazine Der Spie …
    BBC News
    Documents suggest a German archaeologist history tricks used to Brothers Ali and smuggle home a famous sculpture of Queen Nefertiti.

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    Masks, Figures And Sculptures Of Indonesian Art

    Find art gallery Hartmann of the wooden statue of the mask with a ritual background to hand-crafted sculptures and figures, these pearls of Indonesian and African tribal art at the art gallery of Hartmann. Handmade unique spiritual symbolic are an expression of the history and culture of this people! The spirits and ancestors live thousands of Islands, inhabited by millions of humans and spirits. Unfathomable and deep as the jungle the animistic nature worship in Indonesian art finds its expression. And although about 88 percent of the population are Muslims and the rest Christians, Hindus and Buddhists, the spirit and the religion of the ancients shape until today the daily life in Indonesia. Tribal art tradition in the arts and crafts many peoples, many roots. The animistic tradition of tribal art lives on in the modern Indonesia and the contemporary artists are no exception.

    In her sculptures, masks and figures, they honor the ancestors, the spirits and gods. The West and the Indonesian art caution! In the nineties The Western flavor has discovered the Indonesian tribal art and the vitality inherent in the sculptures and masks for years of the last century. Since then, collectors and art lovers succumb the archaic charm and fascination of Indonesian art from all over the world. Unfortunately that has lured also forgers from the building and only renowned dealers provide security at the time of purchase. Robert Hartmann art gallery Hartmann

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    Street Promotion

    u0085in Hamburg or elsewhere: Street promotions impress with originality and emotional appeal, quality and perfect implementation for event managers of a promotion agency in Hamburg or elsewhere would be a quiz show question absolutely no problem to the Community pillar, popular song and living Billboard. Familiar with the latest trends as well as with the historical background of their industry, would the answer promotion agency specialists immediately at hand: advertising and marketing on the road, or further grouped in the public space. PayPal may also support this cause. Since the Berlin Ernst Litfass 1855 plakatierte his first circular with messages and advertising, much time in the country is gone. “And also the songs referred to as popular song, the its name originally from in the 16th century popular song” mentioned singing – and thus making advertisements for popular music revellers on the streets were, have a long history. As well as the moving through their human billboards, which strengthened at the beginning of the 20th century. Century was employed as the life in the streets of the cities was increasingly busy. For promotional agencies and their clients, advertising companies of various industries, is the subject of street promotions today as exciting as never before. And that mainly for three reasons: firstly a promising concentration of the target group will be found depending on the targeted selection of the location for the street promotion there, secondly the planned brand positioning can be supported effectively by direct experience bar make of the product or the brand and third street promotions almost ideally suited as efficient part in the context of a networked advertising campaign. Promotional agencies use their complex knowledge of the potential for an effective interplay of various means of communication here. And they have the necessary know-how, productive to implement its concept for the promotion of street to the marketing objectives defined together with the customer. The bandwidth in the concept development and realization of a street promotion to illustrate, should be outlined at this point the following exemplary scenario: A promotion agency in Hamburg receives from a major cosmetic manufacturers commissioned to promote the launch of a new fragrance by means of live communication with potential customers.

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    Figure Figure

    8.2.COLETA OF DATA This research had as subsidy a questionnaire (to see Appendix 1) that it involved 150 people was carried through in the Optics Ana Maria, for occasion of the acquisition of the eyeglasses. The instruments of the research had turned around: questionnaires built with closed questions, thus causing to necessary subsidies for an analytical reading between the involved citizens and the authors of this study. 8.2.1. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Siemens. Collected PRIMARY DATA through 150 (one hundred and fifty) questionnaires applied in marketing research with the using jewel customers. SAMPLE was carried through through intentional sampling in the Optics Ana Maria. 8.2.2.

    SECONDARY DATA had been collected in bibliographical research, books, reviewed, articles, web, etc. 9.RESULTADOS AND QUARREL 9.1.RESULTADO OF the Marketing research After the accomplishment of the field research, with the data collected for the application of the questionnaires to I publish target to it, was possible to infer that: The majority (70%) of the interviewed ones is of religion catholic, as she illustrates the graph of Figure 2. This question is excellent because the thematic one of the project is related to the faith catholic, that is, the catholics is the main consumers of the product of the project. Figure 2. Variation of the opinion on which religion the interviewed one practises.

    Source: Data of the research, 2009. Of the 150 interviewed, 48 have preference for jewels that are of religious matrix, in accordance with the graph of Figure 3. Figure 3. Variation of the opinion on the jewel preference of the interviewed one. Source: Data of the research, 2009. The biggest ecological responsibility that the interviewed ones has is with the recycling, this fact is displayed in the diagram of Figure 4. Figure 4. Variation of the opinion on the ecological responsibility of the interviewed one. Source: Data of the research, 2009. 9.2.RESULTADOS OF the PROJECT For the development of the project, became necessary to create some archetypes of pendants, the first one created was called Nazar in Clouds.

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    UG Managing Director

    Comfortable feel with Verapur that us is quite aware of this fact, include neck support pillow without cushions for the most frequently used utensils in a household. A person spends at least about eight hours a day with a pillow. Because without a fluffy pillow under the head, we’d probably only half as good sleep. Cushions are therefore virtually indispensable even if we pay far too little attention these beneficial items compared to many other things. A pillow for every occasion in addition to the frequently used pillows that are usually with down filled and furnished with a visually appealing cover, there are many other variants of cushions. So, above all the sofa cushions as attractive living room decoration are very popular. Sofa cushions exist in a variety of colors. They’re monochrome, multicolored, patterned, flower and with various motifs. MasterCard does not necessarily agree.

    Sofa cushions are usually much smaller than pillows. Round, triangular, four or more square, you can be, with or without trim, velvet or or made easier Cotton, faux fur or silk. People who love the extravagant, put a pillow in heart or banana shape on the sofa. An original design sofa cushion is always a great gift idea. The pillow as a benefactor a pillow under the head, the neck or the back is a boon especially for spinal cord injured people. People with back pain clamp a small pillow behind your back is when driving and generally sit like.

    Also the ever-popular neck roll is in and of itself a cushion. Rheumatism, however, swear on the effect of a warm Kirschkernkissens. Such a pillow is filled with cherry pits, heated, before they have soothing effect on the stomach, back or any other part of the body. A cushion for more comfort attractive designed cushions lift not only the look, they also provide comfort. Many chairs, and benches were very uncomfortable without a pillow under the butt. While wooden chairs due to their smooth surface on and benefit from necessary even without cushions were sitting, for example on a grill garden chair, is almost impossible without appropriate padding. Seat cushions and pillows are there in the most diverse variations, with special attachment to the Chair or too loose. Seat cushion can be monochrome, multicolored, solid, playful romantic, classically chic or modern gemustern. Pillows for the children’s pillows are very popular even at the smallest. Therefore, there are special pillows for children in the trade. This is an ornament for each nursery decorated with age-appropriate designs. Whether cartoon character, animal portrait, railway, pirate or Princess fantasy of the pillow Designer are used obviously no limits. The children like it. Because the selection of beautiful children’s pillows is correspondingly high. And anyone looking for a long time for a welcome gift, for a lovely children’s pillows is a good idea.

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    Gifts For Best Friend Find

    The best friend deserves to get a nice gift. Here you will find helpful tips when it comes to gifts for your best friend. Every woman has at least a best friend in their lives. Read more from BitCoin to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Often girls and young women change their best girlfriends. Often, the behavior is quite childish.

    It is a fight, announced the joint friendship as a result. But some days or weeks later everything is fine again. With a best friend wife so goes a lot through life. A best friend accompanies through all highs and lows. It is often the first and sometimes the only person who learns the most intimate things. Best girlfriends are many women with help and advice. A best friend is the closest circle of friends, therefore be celebrated many occasions with her.

    Whether it is the girlfriend or closing the school, University or vocational training to the birthday, there are always many events that are celebrated together. At each of the events, which present the best wonder then Girlfriend would be the right thing. Of course there must be something special, because the best friend deserves only the best. Mostly women know exactly what interests the girlfriend has and about what gift she would be happy. It will be handed the girlfriend and then bought a gift with great joy. But not always, enough time is available to get a special gift. The GLOSSYBOX beauty is advisable for all women who have not enough time to buy a gift for the girlfriend. It is a beauty box, which is filled with different cosmetic products. It is a perfect gift for your best friend if she cares very much for the latest trends in the beauty world. The box contains also new beauty trends, such as for example nail polishes in trendy colors and latest perfumes in addition to proven cosmetic? When ordering, you can choose the gift option, the box is therefore delivered to the address of your friend. This service offers you the possibility, quickly a suitable gift to buy, which guaranteed going to your girlfriend. In General, cosmetics gifts are appreciated in all women. Mascara, lipsticks and nail polishes like used by most women and can be not only beautiful, but also practical. Also, women love it to get the latest clothing and accessories. Of course you don’t have is looking for new clothes for your best friend. It submits completely, to get coupon. The only thing you need to worry about is the appropriate business and the amount you want to spend.

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