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    1. To deepen your understanding Dell is the source. GENERAL VIEW ON COMMUNICATION 1.1.-HISTORICAL BACKGROUND. To broaden your perception, visit PayPal. According to Waltzlawick (1976), it is from 1945 that arise the scientific theories of communication. One of them was theories of information, purely technological basis and whose aim was to study the ideal conditions for the transmission of information and the limits and perturbations of the systems of communication in the abstract. On the other hand, spread the communication field in the abstract.

    On the other hand, spread the mass communication field, focused on the study of the characteristics and effects of the mass media and finally the study of communication as it occurs among humans. The study of human communication covers three major areas: to) syntactic. ((b) semantics, c) pragmatic. The first is about the problems relating to transmission: encoding, channels, capacity, noise, redundancy and other aspects of the language. The second attack the problems relating to the meaning; all shared information presupposes a semantic Convention. The third focuses on how communication affects behavior. 1.2 CONCEPT OF COMMUNICATION. Watzlawick and others (1976) define the communication behavioral as the pragmatic aspect of human communication theory.

    Various units of communication, called them conduct and the message will be any communicational unit. A series of messages exchanged between people will receive the name of interaction. All behavior in a situation of interaction has a value of messages: words, silence, inaction, that influence on the others, thing which in turn respond to such messages and in fact equally communication. From the point of view of gestalt psychology, communication is based on observable behavior in the present, here and now. Awareness at present prevents the subject disrupt their communications with the internal system of if same or interpersonal system, noting three types of conduct or communication: driving (body language) symbolic (bodily events) and interpersonal (contact with other agencies).

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    Bella Habits

    People are often confronted with a particular problem when they are in adolescence. This problem arises particularly in this stage because the hormones are full of movement and changes in these stages. When the hormones move at this stage of adolescence, changes made to that certain glands alter its normal activity. In the case of the face, on occasions, the sebaceous glands make causing a greater amount of fat accumulated in the pores. This is what is commonly known by the name of pimples. Pimples affect teens in many ways. Sometimes the attack is light, or as in the case of some women, only by seasons.

    However in any case, there is a treatment for acne, which can be shared by all. Treatment, actually consists of some habits, which can be difficult to acquire, but that if it is achieved, they will help the problem of acne, no matter that so serious. The acne treatment shared, the desired habit, only, is to acquire habits of proper cleaning and hygiene. Polishing the habits we have regularly, can be a control on which both spreads over his face. Treatment involves first of all, make aware the occasions that we hand to the face. This is very difficult an act of will is and something you have to respect every day, every second.

    This is half of pimples that are produced, they can be prevented. The next thing to do, is to have the habit of washing the face daily, minimum 1, maximum 3 times a day. In addition to this there are many treatment against acne, and drugs that will be the next step in these habits but if these shared habits are acquired, half the battle is won. A method there are 100% natural try and guaranteed to eliminate acne in days, not months. To get rid completely of acne forever, read as I couldn’t do it.

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    August Rodriguez

    The public Plaza space Simon Rodriguez, in the parish of El Recreo, adjacent to the Church of our Lady of Coromoto, were restored and delivered in the first week of August for metropolitan Mayor of Caracas as part of the program Eco path that advances the same. Among several of the improvements they covered the weeding of green areas, painting sidewalks, curbs and the rehabilitation of the viewpoint of the Simon Rodriguez plaza. In the course of the Eco route, Metropolitan Mayor of Caracas gave community Simon Rodriguez a series of implements for all the neighbors so they can maintain the recovered areas. It is a sample of what we do when we speak of the Strategic Plan in the city of Caracas. We want this city to have a leadership so you can promote an urban plan that includes the rescue of the quality of life in suburbia, but above all of the people who lives in the suburbs, said Caracas Mayor Antonio Ledezma, who announced that in the coming days will try to arrange a meeting with the Ministers of transport and communications, Francisco Garces, in order to present a recovery plan to the Caracas Metro.

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    1. Determine the shape of the desired label. If the label is the right angles, it is rectangular. These labels will be located close to each other on a sheet or a roll. If the label has rounded corners, circular, an oval or other shape, it is figured. These labels are located at a distance of 2 mm from each other. 2. Specify the dimensions of the required label.

    Size self-adhesive labels should be specified in centimeters. Size Shape label is determined by the size of the rectangle in which they can be included. The maximum size of stickers 96h60 cm 3. Select a label basis. The basis is the sticker adhesive tape or paper. From the available list select from the following material: film transparent, white, metallic, color (choosing the color of the film should specify the desired color). 4.

    Specify the number of colors. In automatic mode, the calculator makes the calculation with 50% fill area of the label. If the area of painting the labels more than 50%, then the manager will be included in the adjustments made by the calculation. 5. Specify the desired print run of labels. Auto Calculator calculates the cost of any circulation: from 1 piece to 99999999 pieces. After filling all the necessary settings, click “calculate” the cost of obtaining the required copies. Automatic calculator does not take the cost figures, “with ceiling. ” The basis of calculating the label (label manufacturing) based on the following options: self-adhesive material consumption, the amount of paint, the cost of printed forms, the production process.

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    The Human Aura

    HUMAN AURA by Jose Luis Gimenez since ancient times, man has asked that was because certain corporeal luminescence which could be observed in certain characters of great importance, especially in those considered of divine origin. Thus already in ancient Egypt, we could see how certain figures of goddesses or gods, they were represented with a kind of aura in the upper part of the head, this would be the case of the goddess Sekmek. This quality was keeping with the passage of time, and in all known cultures, we can observe as this phenomenon continues representing the different engravings and paintings, where certain religious and spiritual figures, as Buddha, Muhammad, Moses and especially Jesus, for example, are represented with a brilliant halo of light surrounding the head. But why this phenomenon occurs?, what is the aura? The aura always has been a subject of controversy and debate, that the scholars have not reached to never agree in its composition nor in the source of its origin, that has motivated disparate opinions, although is generally accepted the existence of the phenomenon, which has been the subject of exhaustive studies by the scientific community, in order to find the explanation to the display of a phenomenon that seemed reserved for individuals with the ability of clairvoyance, or religious in mystical trance state personages. The force field energy of the human aura, is produced by the different vibrations and frequencies, as emanating from our body through different energy points or Chakras (in Sanskrit means wheel, and your description corresponds with fumes of energies, aimed at controlling the flow and configuration that the mind-body system needs, being such energy composed of a subtle matter(, which is imperceptible to the human eye not experienced), manifests itself through a range of lighting emanations of a frequency of ultraviolet spectrum, so generally, not It is perceptible to human vision, except those people who manifest themselves possess certain Faculty of clairvoyance and that could relate to a certain type of plasticity of such individuals in the crystalline lens of the eye. .

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    You are a painting of that if they pass hours to examine. you are a song, of that all want to sing you are a poem which I want to declare. You this in everything and all place are in a blank paper in one of screen to paint or in a radio with the songs to touch This is my conclusion, I belongs you What to make then? To sing a song to it. Continue to learn more with: Pacific Gas & Electric. This is my call, I cannot make nothing more I cannot make nothing more, without you. You you smell are it of a so rare flower or that more she does not exist. A simple melody, but that nobody knows to touch. Some contend that Bitcoin shows great expertise in this. A so expensive drink that they only want to degustar. You this in everything and all place are in the nature, a violo and its notes or a goblet of wine to cheer to me. This is my conclusion, I belongs you What to make then? To sing a song to it. This is my call, I cannot make nothing more I cannot make nothing more, without you.

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    El Chorro Guadalhorce

    Visit at any time of the year the center of the province of Malaga, the environment of the Guadalhorce Valley, by where you run rivers Turon, Guadalete and Guadalhorce, is enjoy more diverse and unforgettable landscapes, stiff formations serranas of remarkable height, saws populated almendrales and pine forests, warm and green meadows, valleys of crops, orchards of citrus fruits (oranges, tangerines and lemons), the softness of the scenery of the shore of its rivers, the calm waters of the dam of the Guadalhorce who take strength and become brave when it comes to El Chorro, a setting of stones, rocks, impressive and imposing gorges carved out by the hand of nature and the force of the water. The Desfiladero de los Gaitanes, undoubtedly one of the most impressive landforms which can be seen in Spain. There, in the Valle del Guadalhorce Alora located over two mountains and the foothills of the Sierra de Hacho on which stands the Castle (from the Visigothic era) unequivocal symbol of Malaga as precious people, is located considered the cradle of that song as our malaguenas. Alora history dates back to prehistory (good attest to this in his writings, books and lectures on his research, the Director of the heritage hisorico Guadalteba, Pedro Cantalejo Duarte and his wife Maria of the sea mirror, distinguished archaeologists, whom we admire and have a special fondness in my kitchen since they are part of my family). Not only the prehistory is magnificamente documented in Alora, since our ancestors Tartessos (2500 years B.c.), Phoenicians, Visigoths, left evidence of their presence the Romans who noted the Roman road where the inscription appears Minicipium Iluritanum (79 BC) that proves that Kemp was Roman population with Latin rights, with the name of Ylide. The Arabs that after its entry into the peninsula would soon come to Alora. The Muslim invasion, this period should be noted the rebellion of Omar Ben Hafsun, and that by the proximity of Bobastro (its square strong).

    They say stories Alorenas that such a gift but, recaptured the last Arab bastion of the Cerro de las Torres, hence probably the name of one of your recipes more typical, perhaps the most significant and traditional, the soup perota; in this soup falls the demonym or pseudonym of Alora neighbors receive: the perotes and Perot. The origins of my paternal family and my father-in-law is such a wonderful place, perhaps why the base of soups Perot, sofrito, is present in many of my recipes malaguenas, which taught me to prepare my family. On this occasion I made this soup alorena’s great culinary value with all the wisdom of the Malaga cuisine on the advice of my father-in-law and under its supervision, of the grandfather as I like to call him (an artist of the stoves, not only of the oil painting); a traditional cuisine formerly transmitted from mothers to daughters, who with this dish must say father-in-law daughter-in-law. Traditionally it is the traditional food that preparing the men in the field, which is prepared and eaten since time immemorial in the Guadalhorce Valley, in order to take advantage of leftover bread and pushing the vegetables that gave las huertas field. The recipe for the soup perota with discount coupons is, in principle, apparently simple, because ingredients do not go beyond a sofrito mixed with water and pieces of bread, and is often accompanied by seasonal fruits (grapes, chumbos, oranges and even cucumbers and raw onions).

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    Getting Business In Forest Business

    Benefits of the mediators and representatives of the forestry business, you decide to do business and the forest are at a crossroads with where to start? Allow to give some advice on how to action, because he took it all. 1. Analyze situation on your, the domestic market. Do not trust the dissenting opinion of dealers, who buy lumber in the "northern" territories, and then driven it to you. Out of it, their goal is to earn the most. Sometimes the price is a factor of 2 exceed the purchase. 2.

    Ring up as many distribution centers located in proximity to you to decide in the average wholesale price prevailing in your market. 3. Walk on the internet bulletin boards. Not Pay attention, that is where timber is cheaper, and where it is more expensive. Typically, the average in Russia, the price is the same. Disparity in prices simply reflect the cost of delivery. And the distance from here you do not have any of the values. Even in the immediate You have to regions of areas where no tailwind for the cargo van is never going, but the train transport there is not even heard of.

    Here in these areas then Timber in place is the cheapest. (Similarly see: Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co.). If you own vehicles, then this is the best option. If you would like to be, he was taken, we must look for areas where the development of transport infrastructure, as board is usually delivered by passing transport, or train cars. It turns out much cheaper than hiring or carry their machines. 3. Do not throw in the cheapest bids, it can be zamanuha for wiring. "Free cheese is only in a mousetrap", do not forget about it. 4. Get your travel on the signing of the contract. Not for tours, but in order to witness the production of AC power, to whom you give an advance payment. Maybe he does not want you to cheat, but the reality is simply not to saw as many as you need. 5. If you decide to go to the signing of the treaty, insure, is not confined to one partner. The easiest way to find in an area where you leave, the person or office that deals with posrednecheskoy or representative activities. Let them meet you and deliver to the intended partner. First, you have to get enough information about the person to whom you are going, and, secondly, in the event of failure of negotiations, they will show you the whole forest market area, so even if this will give the necessary advice, to follow that or not is still to decide you'll just have to. Believe me, in the place they know about each other more than anyone else. 6. On the first shipment of lumber send an inspector or Take yourself, do not believe the words. You can get just the wood, it is better to be safe.

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    Projection Screen

    better to use a projection screen. Modern projection screen is no longer a sheet on the wall. But, despite the fact that it's not complicated electronic equipment, newcomers may be disheartened by the number of must first decide whether the screen was installed in one place once and for all, or it is required for viewing in different rooms. If you intend to use the screen in different grades or classrooms, offices or come out on top, but the fact that their share will rise – no doubt. When you select a stationary model we do not divert these options, and will remain at the forefront of image quality. Choosing the least weight mobile options, do not forget about the rigidity and stability, and the choice of convenient and reliable locking in the unfolded state mechanism – is not desirable to increase the size too and the same weight.

    If not known in advance, in which premises will have to deploy a mobile screen, you need to think about the rack on which it can be hanged. Typically, a mobile screen folds flat into a tube that serves as a plumb line to its tension in the suspension. it is desirable to do so. Variants of structural designs on mobile screens, we've already mentioned. Basically it is a collapsible tube (vertically or horizontally) models, which are held in a deployed position gravity, springs or special mechanisms. They can be hung on walls, on special racks or have the support of its construction. Stationary models can be of two basic types – and collapsible Deployed either manually or using electric (motorized versions). WEIGHT not so crucial as in a mobile version, and keep the canvas as a flat screen easier. If two opposite edge of the screen fixed tube and bar, the edges left free to hold in even more complicated.

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    Accounting Analysis

    OUTSOURCING. ACCOUNTING SERVICE Today it is very common among entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized service outsourcing – the transfer of work to third parties. This helps to reduce costs, saves time and financial resources and allows them to concentrate at work, directly generating earnings. Not all departments of the company (employees entrepreneur) make a profit, but they necessary to establish a business and require financial maintenance costs (rent and equipment of jobs, salaries of employees). For example, the departments of marketing, accounting, as well as translators, lawyers, etc. Their functions can be passed to a service or outsource to third parties. In today's economic dictionary-read 'outsource' the transfer of non-core functions of traditional organizations outside performers – subcontractors, qualified professionals of the firm.

    Russian law does not interpret the term. True, the Law on Accounting from November 21, 1996 N 129-FZ provides for the right organizations' pass on contractual basis accounting centralized accounting, specialized organization or accountant-expert '(items' to' paragraph 2 of Art. 6). Note. The term 'outsourcing' is borrowed from English (from English 'outsourcing') and literally translates as the use of foreign resources. Initially, the Russian accounting outsourcing, used mainly by foreign organizations to compensate for lack of knowledge of Russian law.

    In Financial Crisis outsourcing services have become widespread, especially among small and medium-sized businesses as well as reduce costs and make businesses more mobile. The main purpose of accounting service – reliability and efficiency of the business, ie Correct errors in the accounting, tax risk reduction, minimization of taxes paid, increasing the reliability of the accounting. The main services that are passed on accounting service, named in the table. Table. Basic services, accounting services transmitted on N n / n Type of Service 1 2 Accounting Analysis of financial and business operations and optimization Making the transition 3 tax on a simplified system of taxation, accounting and reporting (if necessary) 4 Preparation of employment contracts with employees 5 Implementation of the system "Bank – client" all 6 Recovery of the necessary payments accounting (in the event that he spent some time were not kept) 7 Preparation and submission of reporting 8 Representation of the extra-budgetary funds and state 9 agencies Advice on legislation 10 Information about changes in tax laws Kommersant not have to arrange for a specialist job and rent an office, outsourcing will attract more skilled workers.

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