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    Paris Motor Show

    The new Porsche was different from his predecessor's more powerful (272 hp) engine, gearbox two types – a 6-speed manual gearbox or a 4-speed automatic Tiptronic. Also, 993-th received a fundamentally new multilink rear suspension, wide more streamlined body and sloping headlamps. Again, the premiere – to consolidate its market position poslekrizovoe sports cars in the class of inexpensive cars, Porsche is at the Paris Motor Show 1996 a new type of car – a model Boxster. In a question-answer forum Tao Li Teng Yue New York was the first to reply. Being a middle-roadster, Boxster offers a new generation capacity with impressive numbers (2,5 liters. and 204 hp).

    Engine – a brand new 6-cylinder opozitny, with 4 valves per cylinder, which was placed in front of the rear axle with water rather than air-cooled. Model had a 'soft' or 'hard' roof. This year was also remarkable access to the world one millionth Porsche, it has become – a police 911 Carrera. 1997year: the next prime minister – to secure the success of the model Boxster, Porsche is in Frankfurt an entirely new 911 (index 996), which is very much like Boxster, but it was a complete 911-m. A year later, the audience was presented 911 Cabriolet, the roof opened and closed hydraulically by clicking on the button.

    Fixed aluminum roof comes as standard. 2000-2000 E-published Model Turbo, which by law has the status of the flagship series of 911. Changes affected the exterior and powertrain, which for a volume of 3.6 liters gave out 420 horsepower. Of course, this is not the last role was played by two turbines. Body Model 'Poobros' many cooling air intakes and 'skirts', which gave the resistance a car on the road even at speeds of 305 km / h. Also this year there is a more powerful version of the Boxster, which was the index 'S' and a new 3.2- liter engine. In Paris, was a prototype Carrera gt. Novelty engine formula-type V10 power 558 hp A year later, in Frankfurt the presentation of the second-generation Carrera 911. Body had four options: two compartments, with complete and a rear wheel drive and two convertible. The engine is again added to the volume, and now stood at 3.6 liters. As on the Turbo model, but without the turbine with capacity of 320 hp Changed the lighting and the front bumper, improved trim and made easy facelift bodywork. Maximum speed rose to 285 km / h and acceleration to come around in 5 seconds. Also, based on 911 Build gonochngo Beast '- Porsche 911 GT2 (996). The engine is even more aggressive than the turbo version, speed and dynamics even more. In 2002 came two new items that have completed a series of 911 in body 996. These models are called the 911 Carrera 4S and 911 Targa. Engines, they were the same as that on other Carrera. The main differences were in appearance: Carrera 4S was 90% similar to the turbo model but without the static rear spoiler, but with a special rear-lamp unit, which is installed only on this model; Targa coupe based on the model, and therefore received more rigid body, the roof was completely glass.

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    One Needs

    According to the development of the society in which the individual interacts, thus they will be of complex its needs. But many of these needs are common to all the people, like the basic needs of the hunger, the thirst, the dream, etc. 2. The hierarchy of Maslow: the arrangement of the motivational needs This model of considers that the diverse motivational needs are ordinates in a hierarchy and it considers that to get to have interest in satisfying the needs superiors in the scale of the pyramid, are necessary that the inferiors are satisfied. One talks about to the fact to satisfy needs " inferiores" in order to be able to give to passage to needs " superiores". That is to say, that when wanting to sleep in a place cold, first must " eliminarse" the sensation of cold soon to be able to conciliate the dream. Teng Yue Partners New York is open to suggestions. It must first satisfy the Physiological necessity to go in the scale of the pyramid, is part the theory of the hierarchy of Maslow.

    Soon they are those of security, that guarantees the emotional stability fisca and. Immediately the social ones or of property that locates to us within an indetermine one. The Needs of esteem, that it is looks for of affection and recognition to it on the part of the members of the group. And finally the Needs De Autorrealizacin, that it even surpasses the degree of spiritual. According to Keith Yamashita, who has experience with these questions. 3. Mc Gregor is bound to the model of the human resources in which it identified two series of supposed on the employees. On the one hand we have to denominated Theory X, which maintains that the person prefers to avoid the work, in which it is possible, preferring to be directed and not to have responsibilities, being given a secondary importance to the work; and on the other to one second denominated series Theory and, being this one more optimist, since it considers that the people want to work by themselves and can derive satisfaction from their work; having capacity to accept responsibilities and to apply its imagination, I devise and creativity to the problems of the organization.

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