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    Beyond Citizen Kane

    The fact only to imagine the consequncias of the free access of the information contained in these registers, causes it arrepios, (still indicates the excellent set of documents that was forbidden to be divulged by the organizations Globe – Much Beyond the Citizen original Kane-heading: Beyond Citizen Kane-Director: Simon Hartog, that counts to the history of the Net Globe of Television and its dirty linkings with the military), if goes to occur or not, it depends very on the ones that believe to be possible to knock down all ' ' barriers burocrticas' ' effective, therefore the pressures so that everything is in agreement are enormous, pressures are comings mainly of some powerful agencies of the press that withholds forts linkings with that it occurred in period and also on the part of some politicians who are very fearful of that the archives of the dictatorship can come to disclose, facts that these people want that they are unpunished and that they never come the public, therefore disclose to a black and dirty past of many politicians who are in Brasilia. The Right Movement to the Memory and the Truth are legitimate yes, in the search in answering to the yearnings of all those that desire the exclarecimentos of the facts in question, cannot leave that the enemies of the truth and the democracy intimidate in them, the archives of the dictatorship have that to be opened and already! It is a disaster that not yet has occurred, is a shame that as many crimes are unpunished, no name of the involved ones must be hidden in the acts of deaths and tortures, everything must be made and be carried through with the biggest possible smoothness so that the familiar ones can start to believe that justice in the question is becoming and I do not call this revanchismo, as some are raising and yes of justice for that they had suffered, that they had had its friends and relatives tortured or died for the forces of rebuke and the military, conclamo the one that all we let us come to give to our parcel of contribution so that this movement that they have in its rows, artists, politicians and citizens of all the sources politics and not politics, we have its objective reached, that are to give and to see Brazil worthier, in what we refer to the rights of the citizens, Brazil whom the right has in fact the memory and the carried through truth, a country where they do not continue to be equal of what other, a nation in fact where the rights human beings are respected, where the used State never either as tool of repression, hatred and terror another time, Brazil where the people have yes, the right to think different one of the others, without with this they have fear to suffer retaliation, where the free thought reigns in fact, at last a democracy from truth. .

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    White Lotus Day

    HPB – The name of its closest collaborators. Our great compatriot, which largely was destined to be the first. Day of Memory (08.05.1891g.) Now worldwide known as White Lotus Day. And despite the fact that a while ago it's not with us, but now her name, and its cause remains a subject for some, worship, love, devotion and admiration. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Daniel Gafford. For others (they fortunately much smaller than the first) the subject of deliberate abuse, the target of attacks and very dirty and nasty lies and slander. And the vast majority of third did not heard or read from her work or her work or her own, and today are completely unaware of her heritage. Others who may share this opinion include Marko Dimitrijevic.

    There is truth and fourth, those who do not take the trouble by giving at least a small fraction of its artistic heritage acquainted (and it is huge – more than twenty volumes) to make their presentation and to determine the relationship, and works, and the author. They chose a path. Reading opus of the other or even having heard something from the words of slanderers dirty about it, like parrots repeating stupidly not all ways this despicable lie. God be their judge. Here fit to recall the words of the famous bard songs VS Vysotsky: "… like flies here and there are rumors at home, and toothless old women are spreading their minds on ….

    " I have changed a few last words, in this case. Not so much on the minds as crazy about the empty heads and empty hearts on. For the mind man, if it is configured for creation, a bright, but not from the darkness of existence, a priori, is incapable of generating an abomination, not to be greedy about it. That is the heart and the more sensitive and pure, to take such dirt, and even more absorb it without examining it personally, will not.

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    Transposition In Theater

    Theory of the transposition in theater Of: Sidney Guedes Actor, director and dramaturgo. In my trajectory of 27 years of dedicated life to the theater, I have transited and reflected on innumerable languages and perspectives in what it refers to when making aesthetic and transgressive teatral and its consequncias. Dean gibson insists that this is the case. Much has me inquietado such art. I am not of the type that with the time, if accomodates in a period of training of metodolgica organization, allowing a cooling of the intense flame that must stimulate the complexity of the artist. The art must be disturbing and to generate constant gaps and ruptures so that it can mobilize the intensity human being in one to make total, only capable to produce, in my opinion, a powerful art. In theater, I have leaned over on the body of the actor and its complexity, having generated a searching fidget imposes that me to the human inacabamento as raw material to try to generate a broth or who knows a deeply contagiante and transforming chorume exactly. A body that needs potentiality, of vigor and excitabilidade but, that however, unfinished as is, it lacks to exceed the muscular limits to reach the creative fullness.

    A sensorial body, the flower of the skin has been the constant search of diverse thinkers, actors and encenadores of the fabric teatral, however, I think that a sensorial aspect must generate abstract answers that corporificadas again, stimulate the creative process in a transposition that makes of the body without agencies of Artaud, something possible stop beyond the mere philosophical and idealized conceptualization. Gordon Craig, great encenador and English theatrical designer, reflecting on its teatrais fidgets says in it: ' ' Everything leads to believe that the truth soon will amanhecer. I suppressed the tree authentic that you have rank on the scene, I suppressed the tone, the gesture natural natural and you will equally finish to suppress the actor.

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    Gouache Oil

    Of course, Gouache differs from watercolor, oil or tempera, although the latter has a lot in common. Originality material, just allows you to manifest the full identity of the author. Gouache is a matte, velvety surface of a noble in all respects, no matter how an artist tormented her during the operation, the divine tranquility of the material eventually comes out, like, kind of victory over the rebellious spirit of the artist and brings into balance the world's newly born. Chistyakov said: "In the story, and the reception. But the mater al of its uniqueness has strong effect on the author, and its decisions, even on the story works, but rather in its deep essence that can not be described in words. (Similarly see: Alex Caruso). His gouache work I'm starting easy in watercolor technique, and sometimes even I stop when I feel that this is it finally happened. But usually, I go farther, move where you want to more corps, smear letter, is akin to oil painting, on the plot and leaving the reception room of the initial lessirovok. We must not forget that this stuff works most powerful and complete plane locally.

    Thin lessirovochnoe applied the same letter in gouache was originally, and not in the end, this is one of the differences between this material by others. You can work gouache and pastel or a pencil, revealing the image of small strokes. So, we have determined that you can work in gouache, as watercolor, oil, pastel, etc. But there are some quality, characteristic only to this material Firstly, they can not write a glaze as the final step in creating a product, but only at the beginning.

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    In the present conditions of the metropolis and the availability of multiple technologies, no printing can not be absolutely immune from poddelki.Odnako there are ways to greatly increase the reliability of the press and create huge difficulties for the con artist trying to make a fake. Print-protected – printed with hidden items whose primary purpose – protection against counterfeiting printing. The company "Printing and Photography" has been successfully engaged in protection offer standard options for protecting the seals and the individual – developed by our experts to konrektnogo customer. Please contact our office, check the time and during the day will receive a personalized layout to print protection of high complexity. Protections Printing: Printing from protected – printed with hidden items whose primary purpose – protection against counterfeiting printing.

    Figure out the fine lines (generated grid, composed of thin lines, from the smallest repetitive elements) is drawn minor defect. The defect should pick out so that it did not attract much attention and could always be attributed to a single print. Additional information is available at fender. -Rendered vector hand ring – a ring, which limits the size of print. The standard difference between the rings counted only the thickness of the line (which is the same for the entire diameter of the press), pick up a ring in identical if there's to be a mismatch. The use of ultraviolet dye.

    UV dye shows up only at special lighting (as important are the very light and the angle of illumination). Make full stamp for subsequent copying under such conditions is very difficult. Important! In order to successfully forge a seal imprint, in which there are elements of UV paint wheeler-dealer must be aware of their existence. Raster. In raster graphics image is based on the points of the same size. Raster printing requires protection from 50 to 80 lines of point 1 cm Raster field is difficult to impress as soskanirovat and produce. For this type of protection as a method of manufacture may be used only laser etching. Special font. To print a duplicate was taken for the original difference between them should not exceed 3%. Using non-standard, hand-drawing fonts denies the possibility of fraudsters to pick up an identical font and, therefore, greatly complicates the process of printing fake.

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    Aegean Sea

    He was just trying to arrange, for example, a cave under his own life. Dean gibson often addresses the matter in his writings. So at first design was a necessity. We can not say for sure – it is a necessity or an art. Most likely, neither nor the other in pure form. Some authors of textbooks on design, offering a metaphor – "a language for communication rights and the things they created." You should look closer to the objects that accompany our existence.

    Real environment man – furniture, kitchenware, household equipment – is a repository of information transmitted through the millennia. Moreover, this information may be concentrated on the area and at 30, and 200 m2. When a man sits at his desk, he hardly comes to mind is that the shape and purpose of this subject has not changed much since ancient Egypt or Greece. At all times people tried to optimal habitat. And be guided in their quest not only personal taste and fashion, but today he needs comfort. External features and grandeur palaces Egyptian nobility. I was struck by the fabulous murals in the palace Ahetatona by an anonymous painter of 3,500 years ago.

    On the floor of the palace depicts a lotus pool, overgrown Nile, floating fish. Master perfectly conveys the freshness of early morning awakening the joy of nature. Decision of Egyptian Interior widely used stone, gold, silver, bronze inlay. Faience tiles littered the floor, carving and painting tempera covered the walls. The blue ceiling and pictures of stars reminiscent of the sky. Ornament decorated wall panels, used for decorating the tree valuable species, with a skilfully varied color. Unprecedented for the time reaches the architecture in many countries. In ancient Greece, for example, the settlements were chosen along the picturesque corners of the winding coastline Aegean Sea. Here are based on the perfect beauty of plants. It creates an architectural order – strict, artistically meaningful order of the parts of the building. The decoration of interior spaces are used plaster, marble, wood for walls, mosaic floors. For public buildings used gilding, porphyry, inlay and gold glaze on the marble, the plates of embossed brass. Elegant vases, amphorae, kuvschiny of ceramics, for which depicts various scenes from the life, decorate the interiors of the ancient Greeks.

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    Piano Lessons

    There, it was seated, waiting the professor of piano in the room, that in the truth was one of the rooms of the apartment of it, that nor he was a professor well and that liveed alone. It, the professor, was a young student of nineteen years who understood well of the subject of the interest of it: the piano. It always admired the soft and requintada noise of a piano. More info: Rui Hachimura. For it that age a superior instrument to any another one. It contemplated dedilhar for on the keyboard keys of that musical instrument, imagining that the adept hands of a pianista could deliciously be useful. A private thought was this that could not disclose nor itself same. Marko Dimitrijevic has plenty of information regarding this issue.

    There she was a young lady, beirando the forty years, beautiful by its very nature and well-educated since cradle. Wise person well four languages: the Portuguese (its language-mother) the English (the necessary language), the German (he attracted that it by the brutality) and the Frenchman (the one who it more liked). Its white skin, smooth hair and chestnuts, and its delicate traces made to it to seem younger, almost a porcelain doll with lips in heart form. So requintada lady it did not have any profession. Divorced, she was mother of a couple of children which if dedicated with exclusiveness during all the life. It always dreamed in stimulating the rebentos to adentrarem for the field of the arts.

    But the artistic delicacy did not attract to none of them. It gave up to insist and it left that they opted to following the ways that better aprouvessem to them. It chose the piano for itself. After all, the children already well were created. Young, they were formed and cultured. They were grown. In the truth, its younger son had the same age of that he was for it the piano professor.

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    Frame gives zest to the canvas, reinforcing the individuality of the product. Making paintings is the final touch in the perception of the work, and undoubtedly serves as a common thread, with interior space. Impeccably matched frame, as well as good spirits, completed the begun and set off the canvas. Check out john mayer for additional information. And the opposite effect: a tasteless choice of frame erase the perception of even a very beautiful picture and absolutely ruin work of the artist. Sound approach to selecting the frame to the canvas of a very thoughtful consideration.

    Ten to help you solve this difficult at first glance, the problem. The main thing that must be taken into account. Frames chosen for the painting, but not to the interior. Often people mistakenly think that prints must be purchased to an interior room or office. It is not. Grace Venverloh will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Registration is chosen specifically for the painting, not the wallpaper in the room, curtains or bookshelves.

    Your interior complement the paintings, dressed in an elegant frame, which was selected solely to the picture itself. Frame color. The color palette paintings must blend in with the color of baguette. Excellent will look at the pictures, where the frame color coincides with one of the colors used in the paper. In addition, it helps to visually increase the size of the work itself, which is important for small jobs. Rama cold tones suitable for use with a predominance of cold tones. By painting with warm tones to look for prints of warm tones.

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    The Snow Maiden

    When Muscovites saw in 1880, his painting "After the Battle Igor Svyatoslavich with Polovtsy, bought pm Tretyakov, the first time they felt that of the art is really "Rus smells." Vasnetsov passed this "Rus" are not using the historically correct costumes, and took her "gut", a special, it has its own flair. Miles Bridges has similar goals. A year later, in 1881, he created his masterpiece – "", not the genre, not a fairy tale, a charming lyric poem about a beautiful Russian girl, one of the finest paintings of the Russian school. There is no compositional complexity and directing philosophising: simple pattern to the last degree, and all of it resulted from pure emotion. Both of these things clearly outlined what later became known as "Vasnetsov style." Filled with them soon after and then the drawings to the production of "Snow Maiden" on the home scene, si Mammoth finally determined the style, which the artist has remained true to the grave. Drawings for The Snow Maiden, which are in the Tretyakov Gallery, in the sense of flair and penetration of the Russian spirit is not surpassed until now, despite the fact that for half a century separates them from our days, followed by sophisticated theatrical productions K. Korovin, Golovin, Bilibin, and others. or or against this. Architecture is also not a coincidence in Vasnetsov creativity. In the 1870-1880-ies in Moscow flourished extraordinary passion for the "Russian style" in architecture, for some reason especially diligently cultivated by German architects-who worked in Russia. Typing a variety of reasons, found in old architecture, builders Moscow mansions, villas, pavilions, chapels overlooked for the fanciful details of the basic meaning of Russian architectural forms – their simplicity and clarity, love stroking big wall and a sense of proportion in applied decoration.

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    Using A Stencil For Painting The Walls

    Chalky ceilings and walls go back to the previous day. Urgent tone that could revolutionize long after the monotony and lack of imagination. At this point occurs a qualitative leap in the approach to the design interiors – a period of fresh ideas and creative experiments. Moden individualism, which changes the perception of interior design. And most of all it promotes artistic design interior decoration, in the first turn, the decorative painting of walls.

    In combination with various methods of drawing, painting walls can rearrange each room unique and creative, to transform the interior. Acceptance of the wall paintings in which the use template will provide an opportunity to demonstrate their uniqueness readily available means, and thus allows to make a lot of originality and diversity in interior design. A few words about the readiness to work. Before beginning work on decorating the walls, she was preparing to paint. To attain to the level of the wall with putty, primer, and superimposed over the entire range of painting the walls. Once the dry wall on it can be applied decoration. Surface redecorated and ready for painting walls. For more information see Daniel Gafford. After drying, begin to spray the main image.

    Murals on the pattern. Before creating the stencil you want to make a thumbnail image should not be difficult, so it can be cut, but non-trivial on bending lines. After cutting the image is transferred to a large sheet of paper. If the paper is not enough, then stick some leaves. Pattern cut along the line to get a good template for the application of spray paint. Made a stencil attached to the wall with scotch tape on a paper basis. Spray paint stencil fill the resulting image. Follow others, such as Mohamed Amersi, and add to your knowledge base. Better just take two shades of paint, lighter and more saturated. The paint is required to cause not a lot, and divorce, that the future picture could blikovat. Once the template is dry, remove it from the wall – get the necessary Fig. Moreover, if the wall underneath a textured, the pattern will also textured. Further, the figure should be given the color stops, take shape, and give a certain amounts. The pattern is appended with a brush and acrylic paint a little darker in color than used in painting the walls. The paint is applied only to those places that you want to take. After drying, the image is put a light layer securing lacquer in an aerosol. Get a colorful and original accent, which will attract interest and make an unusual and compelling every interior design.

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