A Way Is No Way

    almato, focusing on a sales and service channel criticized the predominantly poor customer service of car trade, Tubingen, June 09, 2011 occupies a current test of the consulting firm Concertare if interested parties try to be informed via E-Mail about the offers of the car dealerships. All too often will respond accordingly requests only with standard answers. For almato GmbH this study proves again that too many companies in the service and customer communications are set on a channel and the partially criminally neglect remaining contact possibilities. The consulting firm Concertare took exactly 1,160 enterprises under the microscope when it was their customer service via email to the test. Each twelve categories were examined. More than a third of the requests were not answered, and even the car dealerships of established providers such as VW responded only on 54 percent of the E-Mails. Was followed by an answer, but then this was often more moderately. See more detailed opinions by reading what Millennium Management offers on the topic..

    At seat, Saab and Dacia was less than Half of the responses considered satisfactory. Often, it had reported the appearance that the industry responded only with the standard answers to questions like Concertare. The overall result was unpleasant, because not a manufacturer made a satisfactory verdict. With a very simple answer to the E-mail request very many car dealerships saw their work done”, explains Thomas Geiling, Marketing Director of almato GmbH, a provider of quality monitoring software for contact centers. Although there are brands that completely went along with the requests of the tester, to many but sent only standard mail and seemed little for the customer concern to interested parties. The test shows how dangerous it can be when companies only are concerned, to ensure the quality of advice on site in the store and to neglect other channels. For example, telephone customer service, which is not very good for many companies this includes.” Opinion of almato GmbH funded a brand, and that is true especially in the car industry, primarily on a promise of quality.

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