About Franchising

    According to popular belief franchise originated with the proliferation of so-called fast-food chain in the 1950s. Its emergence occurs at the beginning of the nineteenth century, but the franchise in its modern form began to develop in 1898 with the use of General Motors Corporation automotive franchise dealership. Word of franchising (from Fr. Franchir, 'free') now has many meanings depending on the scope. International franchising Association (International Franchise Association) gives the following definition: "A franchise is a continuous relationship between franshizerom and franchisees, in which all knowledge, image, success, production and marketing techniques Franchisees are provided for consideration of interests'. In general terms, a franchise agreement can be represented as the seller and buyer that gives the buyer the right (the franchisee, franshizoderzhatelyu, franshiziaru) sell goods or services to the seller (franshizera, the franchisor). The main advantage of franchising is that franchisees get ready business and professional support to primary lines of business: marketing and advertising strategies, training of personnel and training managers, design and provision of equipment, uniform policies and practices, purchase of goods at a discount; Support management issues, the choice of premises for accommodation businesses; room rental, financing. The attraction of franchising is to combine ownership of a small business with a major management principles business.

    Franchising is essentially a win-win option for the development of a profitable enterprise. Franchising is beneficial for both the franchisee and for franshizera, which is growing rapidly, using the equity franchise. You may find that Macy’s Inc. can contribute to your knowledge. Therefore, such giants as "Baskin-Robbins' and 'McDonalds' and become the largest enterprises in a short time. In addition to the rapid spread of franchising allows franshizeru explore new territories, including in other countries. Another undeniable plus for franshizera is to save costs on wages, since he needs fewer managers and ordinary staff. According to the International franchise association franchise soon will dominate the retail trade and services sectors.

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