Aditya Chopra

    Emotionless, she says she’ll be there. Alone at home expires Taani in plaster and Kleidungswaschwahn. She is confused, because front day Raj has confessed his love her without something from her to expect and demand, and on the other side of you is probably beginning to realize that they must also love Suri. Since both for they are 2 different people, she is distraught, confused, and plagued by bad conscience at the same time. While Suri in the cinema focused totally on the film, she secretly leaves the cinema. As Suri noted it and looking for her, him reached the call of the workshop, in which Raj supposedly works, his wife was here and wish Raj.

    A world collapses for Suri because he knows bad. As Raj, he asked Taani, to go away with him, if her life on the side of Suri is so unbearable and she agrees. Suri suggest decides to override her his house, send her a letter after the finale of the dance competition, and to go to Delhi. He would never destroy their lives and give her the space to find their Raj. As the story goes out, they should see. This movie has it all. He is to the laugh wrong comic, he is touching, he is realistic, and he is not so loud and reisserisch how many Indian movies lately.

    One could almost say an Indian film old school. RNBDJ boasts wonderful musical numbers which carry on the course of history and not stop him. Shah Rukh Khan offers an again higher level of his extensive skills in this movie. He plays the Suri so quiet and so touching that one so to speak right falls in the first few minutes into this Suri, although this one is visually so even no type of woman. The change between Suri and Raj work from one second to another. Through body language, voice and facial expressions Shah Rukh Khan, manages to make that one could almost believe it really involves 2 people these two characters so different. Sometimes he reveals but Suri in Raj only by the changing expression in his eyes. Another wonderful performance of this exceptional actor. Anshuka Sharma, a newcomer, is very young and is a natural beauty. It has great talent and is a worthy partner for Shah Rukh Khan. Her refreshingly natural portrayal of Taani, makes one almost say it is Taani. Vinay Pathak as Bobby convinces with its Comedy, but also in the touching scene with Shah Rukh Khan. An absolute win for this movie. The film is perhaps at the first look as more Indian love story, but he has more depth than you might think. Leave the theater smiling, happy but also very thoughtful. Thinking he is movie about relationships, self, love, appearances, expectations and adopted commonplaces. Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Surinder Sahni Anushka Sharma Taani Vinay Pathak Bobby directed by: Aditya Chopra script: Aditya Chopra story: Aditya Chopra original music: Salim merchant, Suleman merchant choreography: Shiamak Davar, Vaibhavi merchant Offizizielle homepage for the film of Yash Raj Films: microsites/rnbdjmicro/rnbdj.html current cinema schedule for D/A/CH under. Alexandra Cerny (

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