Agricultural Tourism

    The visits to the field, for a long period appear amongst the recommendations of many doctors, for people with respiratory problems as the tuberculosis. In the following centuries the search for the field would exist, exactly that not yet it appeared as tourist modality, but yes, as custom of people in a search of contact with the field, of return to the souvenirs of the infancy time. The processes of urbanization and exodus in the agricultural areas in Brazil would mark determinative points for the birth of the Agricultural Tourism. Necessary landmarks do not exist to date the beginning of this activity, mainly in function of the territorial dimension of our country. But one also knows that the first official initiative, that is, with use of the term Agricultural Tourism, if gave in 1986 in the farm White Rocks in the city of Lages (SC). As the City of Lages Hisses pioneering (2006), Santa Catarina it initiated the activity as a simple economic alternative and that today, quality example became that if reflects in the satisfaction of the population with the activity and this, provided to the agricultural producer the significant increase in its income.

    The history of the agricultural tourism in Brazil is sufficiently recent and is related with the diverse phases of the process of occupation of the territory. Thus, the agricultural tourist landscapes with its marcantes aspects, if had constituted through the calls economic cycles originating one diversified historic site and cultural. /a>. The cycle of the cattle, that practically occurred in all the domestic territory, originated great tourist routes, a rich folklore and a flavorful gastronomia.

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