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    The decision to release adoption should be considered good, because entrance to the competent guardianship court are irrevocable (section 1750 ABS. 2 BGB). The consent to the adoption transfers parental responsibility to the Youth Welfare Office and ended the visit, as well as handling rights of the biological parents. (Similarly see: Satoshi Nakamoto). In cases of gross breach of duty or an absolute indifference of parents toward their child, the consent of the biological parents at the request of the child can be replaced by a family court ( 1748 BGB). However, these and other facts which justify such severe intervention of law in the rights of the child’s parents, are a rare exception. An adoption is possible against the will of the child. It still not completed the age of 14, his consent is explained by the legal guardian. From the age of 14, the child as well as his guardian must agree to.

    To note is the obligation for the notarization of all statements in the The adoption procedure (section 1750 ABS. 1 BGB). Lack of certification, the adoption process is null and void. Checks the validity of the necessary declarations as well as the question of whether the adoption by the integration in harmonious family relationships and building a good parent-child relationship is the well-being of the child, issued by the family will be. Mostly it is true his decision based on youth welfare office reports and the oral hearing of the parties. Before the irrevocable adoption of the child by the adopting persons initially live for a reasonable trial period as a foster child with them (1744 BGB). All in the interest of the welfare of the child developed within this trial period and all other requirements are met, the family court at the request of the adopting pronounces the child adoption (section 1752 ABS.

    1 BGB). The adoption of minors is a lengthy, sometimes very burdensome process. A professional legal advice and representation ensures that the interests of all stakeholders best will be safeguarded. The experienced family law expert of the law firm Danielleeee & judge on hills at Rugen are their clients for this reason at any time in all adoption matters to the side.

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