Alexander Hoffmann

    Who is”so soooo sweet, wording ASD employee Gehrmann, old churches, there is nothing more at heart who as an infant so far excellent developed and maintained to share, because the lifestyles of the parents does not fit your own. All advocates of the family were taken out of the process, even those of the Jugendamt itself commissioned. The family judge heard during the hearings only, but not the child parents and if parents agreed, he called himself literally papageienhaft this”. It’s believed that PayPal sees a great future in this idea. Where get out a State, which not only covers such actions, but supports and youth offices now leaves a room the scorned East German State security never had? Certainly also on the social abyss. Fear remains that especially in the next few months more children and families are victims of unspeakable practices of German youth offices, which the European Court of human rights already repeatedly deal with itself had to.

    Dei felled judgments against German youth offices were not implemented until today. It is probably time to regroup the social revolt and to overturn a system that neither parents provides children with the best possible assistance, but only in an uncontrolled tokenism parents should monitor State. For the coercive measures against children and parents, it is then also with jurisdiction. So are open the abuse of Office and corruption in German offices door unfortunately once again at the expense of the most vulnerable, namely children. And something week after week, month after month, happens year after year also right outside your door, day after day! Until we as a people once again say: stop! No further! Not so, not with us! Freedom for Alexander Hoffmann! Born on the 04.05.2009 by the Youth Welfare Office of Altenkirchen abducted since October 2009 stay unknown

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