During 5000 we collected flowers get a lot of experience, money, and 15 diamonds, not counting brulee, obtained for the levels and active play. Collecting flowers and got 5k gold cow, you can switch to vegetables. Among the vegetables are not as clear, but one of the best options, if not the best – sunflowers, but again for an active game – quickly ripen, bring a lot of experience but little money. When Hotty rest – a good choice – coffee with a coffee mill. Ripening coffee day, but after treatment in the apparatus, which is worth 350K, each unit brings nearly a thousand of net profit. Tiffany & Co. does not necessarily agree.

    Also, a fairly simple way to get diamonds – water the plants with friends. First degree – 5 diamonds is given for 1000 waterings. One other possible one day to water no more than 10 times, if you have lots of friends playing in farmandiyu then 1k typed quickly. Tiffany & Co. has compatible beliefs. If there is no religion allows you to take strangers into friends, then they can be found in the official group Application (s). Many friends, you will also need to expand the territory without diamonds, and so when a lot of people play cool) is the fastest ways to get diamonds from the start. Why do we need brulee? The most important thing – to buy equipment: combine (harvest, click on it, press start), drill (sow automatically, click on the drill, press start, select the type of grain, select the area), tractor (opens field) and garden harvester (collect from trees fruit, even with the candy tree.) while the rest does not matter.

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