Auditing: Preparation Saves You Stress

    Gunter Zielinski – accountant from Hamburg informed entrepreneurs, but the thought of an audit put also their tax advisors, often in turmoil. With a good preparation their fears prove to be mostly unfounded, as the Hamburg tax consultant and lecturer Gunter Zielinski from his long-standing professional practice knows. He describes the following behaviors that can make your life easier with examination and examiner them. An entrepreneur from a tax audit can be surprise, it is usually a failure in turn. The time and nerve-consuming testing is not made out of thin air, but indirectly advertise for some years. The IRS checks contiguous periods of three years, which were issued tax assessments subject to an investigation. Whether an audit is imminent, the entrepreneur can be read so from his tax assessments.

    In addition, the audit with a period of approximately one month will be announced. The test comes at the inappropriate time or serious reservations against the person of the operational auditor, an objection does not immediately cancelled. In the interest of technical communication, it is advisable first to seek a direct conversation with the officer at the internal revenue service. To respond immediately with objections to the inspection arrangement can provoke unnecessary resistance or suspicion at the Treasury in this phase. Amit paley has many thoughts on the issue. The fear of a long-running operation is unfounded for most companies. Auditors have a fixed time limit for their work. This depends on the size and turnover of the company to be tested. So that the examiner not even aimed at employees, those tax provisions are third-party companies without permanent tax experts should name their tax advisors as the sole point of contact.

    It is not cheap though, but ensures that communicates with the operating system on a par. The conduct of the examination can be influenced with consistent and objective communication. An objection against overly strict observations of the auditor will be announced at an early stage, this is often willing to compromise, to keep his time limit. n. Compared to the examiner, a polite tone of voice should be placed on the day. It is the wrong address for Small Talk, however. Remarks which may have tax relevance, may otherwise finding themselves as control confirmation. It is the conflict, is to stand objectively, without communicating emotional escalate. Ultimately, the Auditors is also just a man who performs his work. A very important part of the audit is the final closing meeting. Here, all audit findings by the Auditors are presented, discussed, and made a tax assessment. In many cases, even a so-called actual understanding is achieved – a compromise that avoids unnecessary appeals. At this Negotiating expertise in tax law and psychological Dexterity are needed. An audit is one of the more circumstances of business life. With good preparation and a factual approach, she passes.

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