Says here in the knowledge, that it not only an either or indicates us yet simplicity, courageously and resolutely for our either or to decide. Us so our individual either or deliberately to be crucial to assess our arrival attracted are for one thing or another in objective Bewusstheit. When I ask the question so, what is a loving approach, I touch an inner WISSen, an internal legality, thus What upcoming things loving dealing ‘ or not loving handling ‘ leaves. An interim solution is not possible, here I meet a ultimate, a universal truth, and I know that with everything, what I do, think or feel always only one or the other can be. In other words, if I betrachte me or the world with this focus, is inevitably aware me whether it is one or the other, what seems more appealing to me. In the specific example disease case, with a cold, I imagine the question so, what is a loving approach, what brings me only with the outer knowledge in connection and thus by my own entrance to the deeper knowledge cut off me; when a cold one Let’s say such as What characterized and in my opinion not really cause an abstract approach gehensweise to success.

    But I look at what I have just done what the latter-day accompanied me as action, feeling, as thought, that what I at the moment just do and what just comes to mind me, I might want to do, and ask that it is me the deal in an affectionate manner. I am trying to get in the here and now and meet the reality, which holds all the information I need. Official site: Hewlett Packard. I wonder if what seems to me especially in the consciousness, that what I want to do for my well-being, whether this really is a loving approach. And when I ask this question with this focus the simplicity, aware that there can be only one answer, I feel me then I know already just cases also in most of what I want to know. Access to inner knowledge the decisions here is no crippling doubt more opened in the here and now, in the AugenBlick, in the real encounter with myself.

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