Brazilian Grow

    But nobody better of what the incomparable rock musicians Raul Seixas (that he would be completing a new spring today, 28 of July) and Z Geraldo: ‘ ‘ petty politics with inferior paleolithic trends? it does not add nothing in my goal as to be humano’ ‘. (Raul Seixas, the brilliant perpetual Bahian and maluco beauty).

    ‘ ‘ The dull and senile elite who all loans amaparo pra badly of Brazil legal Worm of it take-there-gives-here, that vende the vote to veto the violence and misria’ ‘. (Z Geraldo, composer and mining singer). When it is that we go to learn? When it is that we go to grow while people? The French politician Jean-Paul de Gondi, cardinal of Retz (1613-1679) affirmed certain time that ‘ ‘ when the ones that they order lose the shame, the ones that they obey lose respeito’ ‘. I do not have respect none for the Brazilian politicians! I believe that only we go to grow exactly when to learn this lesson left for the Cazuza (composer and singer of rock, years 80 and 90 of the last century): ‘ ‘ The only thing that people have that to move in the world it is the hunger. The hunger is bsico’ ‘. still has much people passing hunger in this immense tropical and rich Country! Before they also put the guilt in it: the nature does not have guilt therefore! (Mrcio Melo – plus one only infuriated of the nation! 28 of July of 2010).

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