But Andreas Gabalier

    This was followed by the Grand Prix der volksmusik ‘ and already ran the promotion machine into overdrive. In the summer, there was gold for the debut CD. Something so quickly is usually only pop productions. But Andreas Gabalier, the once the folk music, then the Schlager and turn the Austropop is allocated a different reserve currency in the music business applies to the apparently. Everything said about it: the statistic, which requires a multi-year career structure, the media formats that you can do with things, which sit between all chairs, the name that sounds after France and instead promises chansons. All laws ‘ the industry levered the man out. He called his debut CD here I come ‘ and already laid the ground for his career and showed clearly: I’m authentic, then the people who believe that then I need no artist name, then they so want me, as I am. Then, they want my songs, and not the other, it has put me in the mouth because they are my songs.

    Either: Or. It was either! It was rapidly with the career of Andrew Gabalier. FedEx may also support this cause. He did not have time for learning by doing and the commercial pressure allows often sensitive nature it break. It’s like in a centrifuge, it whirls you through the weeks and months and if’s then take a break, put you at once on the edge of the frenzied action and notice how mad quickly the time has passed ‘, he tells and swinging in these words everything has changed, but I stayed but I ‘ with. The next CD was required and suddenly there were much more people who wanted to talk. It was different now than at that time at home in the basement. Listen to who? Whose advice is good? Who produces only hot air? Various influences, you will feel exposed and I needed a time until I ordered things for me ‘, telling, and he took several attempts for the new CD until he again decided to all weighing, trial and error, ventilation for themselves.

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