Chief Medical Officer

    Why private health insurance for civil servants is so attractive! Officials receive the so-called aid to the reimbursement of treatment costs incurred by your employer. However, the aid is usually only 50 to 80 percent. Depending on the size and type of treatment utilized, therefore a high proportion of equity can arise. However, you can take out a residual cost insurance. For even more details, read what Anne Lauvergeon says on the issue. A residual cost insurance in the form of private health insurance for civil servants benefits of private rest cost insurance offers numerous advantages. For civil servants, there are special rates, because they employed a fixed and non-cancelable.

    Also official candidates can benefit from special Einsteigertarifen. Also, you come through private health insurance benefit from numerous services that cannot provide the statutory health insurance. Special services at an inpatient treatment, such as the accommodation in a single or twin room and the treatment by the Chief Medical Officer include depending on the car fare. Also a Hospital daily allowance is possible here. Without hesitation Steffan Lehnhoff explained all about the problem. In the ambulatory, there is the possibility in the insurance reimbursement of costs for dentures, to include Visual AIDS and naturopath treatments. To be eligible for these benefits in the statutory health insurance, officials would need to complete a supplementary health insurance and in addition pay the cost of the statutory health insurance. What services are important to you? But not all plans offer these extensive benefits, therefore you should choose carefully the health insurers and collective.

    This one should make sure above all, what services are particularly important and what kind are most frequently taken by treatments claim. The reimbursement of naturopath treatments only makes sense for example, if you also use naturopathic treatments. The same is true for Visual AIDS are an interesting performance for spectacle wearers, others need this performance perhaps only much later in life. Fasting rule: The Cheap rates of the car are very costly in the long term in most cases and should be avoided! The level of contributions can vary considerably. So worth a health insurance comparison, to find not only cheap but also powerful collective bargaining, which adapts to your personal needs and desires.

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