Jack, a beautiful male dog from 2 years of age, had taught with success the family to stay away from his food and toys, growling and threatening when it they approached too, to not bother you if it happened lie down to sleep in the main traffic areas of the House, as the center of the kitchen, some furniture were already theirs and only theirs, and he decided who could enter the House and who does not. The children became peers of mischief, they could run, jump and play all day with Jack, but they were not in a position to know how to educate a dog, not even imagined that this was necessary. Any breach of the rules was quickly and severely punished by Jack/growling, biting, breaking, baring its teeth. No one disobeyed him in the slightest! If the House of Jack remembers what happens with your family and your dog, I have some tips to educate a dog, to help you recover your leadership role. Put these simple steps in your dog’s daily life and should see changes in their behavior. Practice each of these steps and shows to your dog that you are the leader. Simple. We begin, with 3-important tips to educate a dog.

    Once you master these in a future article, I will introduce several more. 1. Show me your tummy! Be an experience positive for your dog be turned on the floor belly up so you can caress her delicious belly. This posture of submission indicates a postponement to his leadership, communicates to the dog that he is not the leader of the Pack. This is the 2nd of the Councils to educate a dog: 2. praise, praise and more praise praise for being a good dog. Any behavior of the dog that you like and you want to keep, you should praise him and give him an award, a reward every time that he made it.

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