East Frisian

    Better endure suffering employees with a culture offensive can authoritarian governance and bureaucratic decision-making processes”. With the help of a cultural consultant, the PR boss developed a mission. Seven theses, seven sets, seven pages, seven wisdoms. The mission statement is to read process, how important are the employees how important customers are – in a joint-stock company nor the shareholders or shareholder. All progressive companies insist among other like that work should be fun and environmental pollution are something quite terrible. You may wish to learn more. If so, Amazon is the place to go. So each employees internalized the eerie face of his boss, management by walking around “practiced. “Every Friday, there is also a beer bust”: free beer for tired employees. New titles for ambitious managers in the company promoting the corporate culture”.

    Field staff with good personal wire convert to the key account manager”. This brings extra motivation. Look down from the competition is called benchmarking”, freely according to the motto: the neighbor driving Mercedes, what did I do wrong? You then got out, the neighbor makes five squats after breakfast, then you also makes it and has the star already in the bag. Many theories and inflated language monstrosities are nothing more than East Frisian steam chats on closer inspection. Managers and consultants may not too clearly expressed to customers, colleagues, superiors or the public. Otherwise, the schmalbrustige incompetence of what is said could get too fast to light. “” “In boardrooms is served daily in meetings” after the strategy “search to prepare better, new projects of a be tilted, commitments” to achieve and the market through empowerment “to achieve the optimum, efficient and effective USP. USP stands for unique selling proposition”and is in his secular importance: the unique selling point.

    It is striking that, above all, executives in large corporations are vulnerable to the calendar wisdoms of the advice gurus. Managers should work more on the customer front and deal with the needs of the market. Then they realize very quickly that you won’t get very far with the semantic waste of management philosophy. See also:../PowerPoint-Schaumschlaeger…pdf further information under: For questions:. A message from the medienburo.Sohn. The medienburo.Sohn is responsible for the content.

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