Emotional Marketing

    However, in the paradigm of emotional marketing, answered “I have a client, how I can help you?” That really distinguishes one organization from another. When a company is concerned with helping its clients, is proving to be interested before their welfare and development and after the volume of business they bring to the company. The key is in knowing you may choose to customers who have to show affection to express its appreciation is more benefit and not more cost. What is the emotional marketing? If we are concluding that emotional marketing is a useful and powerful tool in the hands of a company with a clear intention to remain and grow in the market, it would be wise to learn to define its scope and limits. So we could define the emotional marketing as “a proactive approach to find a company and develop a lasting bond with your best customers so they feel the brand as their own and need to contribute to their growth and survival.” Having identified the best customers, the brand adds value emotional the relationship in the form of support or affection desirable, consistent, timely and generous to the subject. Assistance should be provided so that it always produces an experience: personal, positive, relevant, clear, consistent, mutual benefits, original and memorable. Thus, this support exceeds customer expectations and gives him a sincere desire to reciprocate, which is materialized in the affection and commitment to the interests of the company’s brand-short, medium and long term. Emotional Marketing therefore is not a new way to sell, but to ensure customer retention and increase the volume of sales..

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