Examination Transaction

    That is, for the same object may be defined by different market value depending on the situation assessment. It is especially necessary to emphasize that market value of the assessment – the most probable price at which the object can be alienated in the open market in a competitive environment. Both parties to the transaction in such circumstances to act reasonably, having all necessary information. In this case the magnitude of the transaction price does not reflect any circumstances, that is, when, one of the parties shall not dispose of the subject being evaluated, and the other party is not obliged to accept performance, both parties to the transaction almost everyone knows about the subject of the transaction and act in their personal interests, the transaction price is a fairly reasonable fee for facility assessment and enforcement to make a deal with the parties deal with any party not; payment for the facility assessment is expressed in monetary terms. This definition is absolutely true market value for all values, even taking into account the specific situation assessment. Based on the that said, it is already possible to determine that there are many purposes for assessment in each situation.

    It is impossible to believe that all persons involved share a common goal. Although people may never accept fully with the goals, but rather an important task at the beginning of the appraiser should be drawing up evaluation purposes through discussions with key officials. Consideration of various objectives at the outset may reduce conflicts and disappointments in the future. Vague goals tend to guarantee a negative assessment. Each transaction involves drafting the contract. For the conclusion of the contract – the sale is necessary that the parties agreed and expressed his law in this form. Contract of sale of goods or services must be signed in writing by drafting a document signed by the parties and determines content of the transaction, the seller gives the buyer the services of the goods or services in the property, the buyer pays him a sum of money. Source: Company Spetsotsenka. Assessment, Examination.

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