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    The result: Verbally he took barely, but increasingly bothered teaching. And that in turn reinforced his position as an outsider once again.” Nils psychological load modified the family situation. There were frequent clashes between Nils and his parents; but also among parents, a conflict has smoldered. Mother and father had differing views, as should be further dealt with Nils. The mother sought advice from the competent youth welfare office. The employee knew the educational compass and gave the address of the CJD Braunschweig Nile mother.” The prospect to live for a week in an alien environment with strangers and to learn met Nils with mixed feelings.

    Through the very detailed questions in the survey sheets that are sent out in advance of the week-long stay and general information about why and how the educational compass realized Nils that he would meet with great security, inter alia on young people, which, as he also, as “Outsider, only because they different” than their classmates. The CJD worker remembers: Nils arrived on a Sunday in May with us, he was pretty skeptical. But that’s understandable. He had developed a rather negative attitude towards everything related to school. But it was him that he can find an alternative to its deadlock a piece to remember hope.” Nils Fremdelei”was, like many other teenagers before him, on Monday evening over. The reason is obvious: for many was the classroom situation (maximum of 12 children in the class), teacher facing them and the fact that they are finally really required, the kick. You feel taken seriously, know also young people who have a similar background and similar experiences”, Frauke Meier added. Nils was the day two of the Education Compass”gas.

    The challenges for the participants during the week are manifold. It is not only the level of knowledge in the Majors asked. Intelligence diagnosis (to determine the intellectual talent of people) and the social skills are more important criteria, which result in a picture at the end. We deliver the image as expertise. “In you are all results of observations and tests the teenagers in a week Education Compass” traverses. I will give a few examples: behavior in the classroom. Perseverance, creativity; Self organisation; Life in the community; Willingness to abide by existing rules, behavior in the non-formal sector. At the end we see the individual competencies and support requirements of each participant. This gives us a comprehensive advice on further educational opportunities of students in the framework of a final conversation at the end of the week of Education Compass”and so we’re back at the beginning, with the compass, with which in the fog safely can be navigated. Knowing where I stand”, where is my child” is security for key decisions on the way the lives of young people. “And thus the education compass of the CJD Braunschweig is in line with the CJD motto: every child is about value.” Frank God sand large

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