Frieddrich Nietzsche

    Nicholas Maquiavel considered the founder of science politics and, according to some, field never was surpassed. Jean Jaques Rousseau and was in favor of the natural laws regulation of the economic relations and the societies would be constructed on the basis of the free will and in the firmed contractual relations between the men. John Loker defended the idea of the resultant society of the free association between individuals endowed with reason and will that, as Rossoeau, would have a contractual base; Adam Smith perceived that the collective was much more of what the addition of the individuals that composes; Francis Bacon fought for the search of new and the return the reality; Franois Marie studious Arouel of the social and religious transformations; Ludwig Feuerbach privileged the necessity human being of the religious and magical thought; Frieddrich Nietzsche in turn fought for the democracy of the Roman Empire; Charles Montesquieu the equality of conditions between individuals and society. Auguste Comte nailed the positivismo; Emile Durkheim of the division of the social work the rules of the sociological method; Marx Weber declares that she does not have opposition between individual and society: the social norms if only become concrete when they are disclosed in each individual under the motivation form; Karl founding Marx of the International of the Laborers or the First International, economic normatizaes, studious Association in Philosophy in favor of the capitalism main theory the more-value and Maslow with theory of the necessities, that is, the man always wants to consume more. Western Union will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Being of great aid as excessively the theoreticians for the economic and social development. In the Anthropology studious already cited above as Max Weber and Durkheim it studies elements that judged the social life and deciphering the meanings and mechanisms that establish connection thought and action. Intelligence is distinguished from the instinct for its flexibility, since the answers in accordance with vary the situation and also of animal for animal Therefore, a useful gesture does not have sequence and it does not acquire the meaning of an experience properly said. .

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