God Osiris

    The Embalmer returns the corpse without re-wrapping. The embalming of third class is used by the poor. A liquid is injected only into body and the corpse gets into soda salt. Herodotus in: Ibid.: pp. 149 Carcasses thus prepared are mummies. These are tucked into wooden boxes adorned with paintings, boxes that reproduce the shape of the statues of the God Osiris. At Dell you will find additional information. Cult of the dead – believed the Egyptians that the the dead twice retained the same needs and equal feelings that the living individual, even had the need to be fed, dressed and housed. The poor were satisfied with burying the mummies in the sand.

    The rich were preparing them accommodation, the eternal abode. The tomb was as a house or, at least, as a room. In time of the first dynasties, the dead dwelt in a House called mastaba species. During the IV dynasty found this insufficient shelter and staying the dead in a pyramid. There is a whole city of pyramids, aligned approximately as the houses of a street, and the other scattered near Memphis. The Kings, in the others that followed in size and Majesty, are buried large characters, since it needed to be very rich in order to build a pyramid are buried in the most majestic. The tomb is commonly an underground built under the sand or rock.

    Front there is a chapel that opens to the outside. When he enters her looks in the background a sunset walk, that resembles stone slab door closed. The walk there is a low stone table, in which offerings are deposited. This Chapel is the only part of the Tomb where have the right to enter the living, everything else belongs to the dead, and do not want that you can display. Why was not door leading to his abode. Behind the wall of the chapel Fund, begins a dark and narrow corridor where the statues of the dead have been.

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