Heike Franseckys

    Serves as a hanger of here analysed silver disc a seemingly wonderful reinterpretation us all one guaranteed well-known ballad classic of legendary US entertainer Barry Manilow. For Mandy”music was already sent on 18 June d.J. advance as trade-Maxi at DA in the race and ravaged recently even the Internet charts by Smago.NET. If you would like to know more about Microsoft Corp, then click here. A by Andreas gangsta far more rock-based, earthy, as the original is the case, arrangement crafted from, meets radically sentimental, in love, at the same time nightly metropolitan, unquestionably a little surreal rhymes from the pen of Heike Franseckys, which transfer the recipient plenty of space to the own interpretation and with full force to encourage, especially between the lines to read / listen to. Of course the other songs, mostly brand new compositions, as well as two remixes are available for a long time known and “” popular title, plus two class Gerds contributions ultimately just as stunning to indication 2009-Opus the own face “, the ingenious, native perspective of Barry Manilows pretty Mandy” in nothing after. Yearning, dreamy, thus, thematically similar to oriented songs of Udo Jurgens, Hildegard Knef, or gemahnend, we hear about the so cozy, I knew a clown like tingling chanson”, the both elements of the French, as the Russian folklore in.

    Lyrical philosophical, contemplative held, and sound as to precisely set country members fortified German pop ertonend, the so sizzling shows how opulent staged pop/rock-stalker life”. “” Somewhere between the Urberliner singer-songwriter Klaus Hoffmann and in turn the Knef “, considers himself the monumental noble chanson faces in the crowd” on. “As the closest to the traditional pop-leaning post on still youthful”, proves to be the summer comes from all alone “, the as regards melody to Henry Valentino’s iconic 70s trash, a la In the car in front of me”reminds. An unquestionably smart, fleet number to the German drinking songs, but not necessarily the qualitative highlight of the qualitative highlights! “” On the CD, I will be there “(2003), the first disc, Gerd Christian, had drawn up together with his congenial producer team Heike /”Goldi”, an explosive pop pop piano ballad called nothing in the world was”.

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