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    Thus, there is a positive influence. In this case, the nutritional value of cream, and of its Herbal Supplements may not play a significant role, since wet skin permeability is largely reduced. The essence of the experiments conducted the Central Research Laboratory Novosibirsk State Medical Institute (Shorin, G., Arkhipov SA) involves treating the skin with water or jelly with cream for a while and then applying to the treated skin fluorescent dye (eg, eosin). It turned out that the jelly-like cream has a pronounced protective effect, reducing the rate of penetration of substances through the skin treated with cream. Permeability Dry skin has been very high. But the wet (treated water) for 15 minutes after treatment, remained at a very low permeability. This observation casts doubt on the recommendation of the majority of cosmetologists need the cream to pre-treated with water (wet) skin.

    Indeed, if the primary goal of any effective cream containing nutrients, vitaminizing or other biologically active supplements, is the maximum penetration of active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin, the only correct technique, will be wearing cosmetics at a fairly dry skin. Or 15 minutes after moisture. We return to the initiated. On the other hand, if the film fat cream 'locks' the water (molecular weight of water – 18), then, of course, it can interfere with breathing skin as well as the molecular weight of the oxygen molecule is 32, and carbon dioxide – 44, and exit out of products of cellular metabolism – such as urea residues (molecular weight – 60). We can assume that they (the slag) will be concentrated under the oil film in the top layer of skin – the epidermis and, in result, developing 'local toxicosis', inhibiting the cell, changing the direction of biochemical processes and, of course, speeding up the processes leading to skin aging. Civilized beauticians long they are rejected. Today there are companies that see their task and achieve a very fine dispersion 'zhirinok' in the cream compositions, for example up to 10 nm or less. These particles can penetrate deep into the skin, but the essence of their effects on the skin does not change.

    It should be noted that the deep penetration of minute particles of fat in the skin may lead to a denser layer that prevents passage through the skin, low-molecular particles. In our view, given the logic reasoning requires the rejection of creamy fat-based compositions. We must not confuse the age-old experience of their use, because you can cite numerous examples from history (including history of cosmetics enough) of mankind, when used for centuries and is harmful practices were discarded. Take, for example, the use of antimony in cosmetics. To be fair, that goes with a great tradition difficulty.

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