Hossein Amir Abdullahyan

    NEDA’s death became a political issue for the opposition and was deployed against the regime. From the outset, the regime sought her death as staging Western powers”to discredit. Initially the authorities claimed NEDA is alive, then they said the video was fake, later one presumed themselves to do so, that a reporter from BBC killed her, to deliver good photos of the riots back home. Finally it came to the CIA, the Volksmujahedin were most recently as the culprits. A documentary that aired by press TV, the English-language channel of Iran in early January, now brings the latest version: NEDA was an agent of the United States and Britain and has staged her own death.

    In the documentary, it is claimed that the video only shows how NEDA pours himself from a special bottle even blood in the face. Later she was killed really in the car that had driven them to the hospital. The documentary is line comments Iranian Government officials, again by a prepared scenario”spoke to defaming Iran. NEDA’s death has proven to be a very sensitive subject for the establishment. All versions of the regime are rejected from the eye-witnesses Dr. Read more from Bitcoin to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Arash Hejazi as the amount after the shot on NEDA had set a Basiji, nearly lynched him, but after intervention of some protesters stating we are not like them, we are not murderers,”only the papers had taken from him and ran to him. The Basij has nothing to worry about, he was not arrested and the charges against him are not pursued. The Ambassador of Iran in Bahrain, Hossein Amir Abdullahyan, advanced, however, in an interview with the nation”the insinuations against the United Kingdom and the United States and also Ali Moussawi, claimed the nephew was murdered day in the renewed protests against the regime of infiltrated agents of these Western countries me Hossein of Moussavi’s, on the day of Ashura.

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