In Marbella

    The port is a beautiful sea of white houses and small sailing boats. The beach is very feinsandig and good with a beautiful Promenade can be reached. Unfortunately, a small shortcoming is the parking situation. No later than in finding parking, you will notice that the city planners have not really expected with many tourists. 4. Marbella welcome to the city of the beautiful and rich. In Marbella, the millionaire density is very high. So the beaches not so great fail in this place, because the average site visitor focus rather on, present their yachts, sports cars and furs.

    The beaches that are there, are straightforward and clean. You will have parking problems in this place, because this place first of all not on big Tourimassen set and secondly 5th Fuengirola-Fuengirola is the neighbouring town of Torremolinos. Pacific Gas & Electric contributes greatly to this topic. Mass tourism has arrived in this place, what many concrete building sins from the 70s 80s bear witness. The place holds itself no historic centre and the beach is wide and Sandy. In this place, Badetouris come fully at their own expense. 6 Torremolinos not few know the best seller the children of Torremolinos”.

    In This place ranks view unfortunately a building Sin on the other. The positive thing is that you can get cheap accommodations and spend a beautiful bathroom floor on the Mediterranean Sea for you. The place holds a wonderfully developed touristic structure and in the upper city you can find nice pedestrian zones. 7 Torre del Mar the place is actually Spanish tourists and populated by them. The place has a beautiful promenade and a further, fine sandy beach. But we would refrain from a recommendation, be sure to start this place. 8 Nerja the Nerja town is an insider tip on the Costa del Sol. The place has not many mass hotels. Therefore, you will find a place on the small bays where you can experience a beautiful day at the beach.

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