In Ten Minutes The Car Put Together

    New car configurator on who today want to afford a car, sets usually value on individuality. A special feature, a certain paint or special wheels: The customer has many ways to customize the new car to completely own wishes. It is not even necessary to go to the next dealership and long conversations with customers. The car Portal offers the possibility to easily configure the personal vision on the home PC. With his new car configurator, the portal offers all major brands, the customer can choose between them. Hikmet Ersek oftentimes addresses this issue. He chooses with a mouse click, for example, Peugeot, he gets a collection of the available models in the next step.

    Further criteria for the new cars such as diesel or gasoline engine, model construction, Horsepower rating, consumption, CO2 emissions, paint, fabric Interior, and much more to follow in the next steps. At the end the customer can add various extras such as heater, Parking aid or Navi. Behind each criterion, the corresponding charge will be shown so that the customer can weigh the price-performance ratio. Finally, the overall price of the new car will be displayed to the customer as well as the savings compared to the price. While discounts of 20 percent not rare, and the whole thing without tiresome haggling “, Thomas Kuwatsch, Portal Manager says. The fact that customers of the auto Portal benefit from higher discounts than in the stationary trade, is owed no advisory staff is available during the selection available. The interested party can weigh alone at home, he decides for which equipment and is not affected by any dealer interests.

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