Infantile Education

    Introduction In way to as many difficulties, today the infancy concept distance qualitatively of that it guided the work in the first day-care centers and daily pay-schools. In centuries XVI and XVII, it was understood infancy as a period of transistion for the adult phase. The child was seen philosophical and pedagogically as an adult in miniature and the anticipation of the typical experiences of the adult phase, only contribuam to exceed with bigger rapidity this period. In the day-care centers and daily pay-schools, in its origin, the assistencialista character, directed predominated when taking care of of what when educating. The results of research in the areas of Psychology, Sociology, Histria and Neurocincia had been, little by little, indicating new ways for the Infantile Education, in the measure where infantile development, infancy and teach-learning, had passed to be seen with a new to look at. Today the perspective of the Infantile Education is come back to integral formation of the child.

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