Jose Marti

    One of great interest is the Martiana Plaza, built in 1995 and consists of two items of interest: the face of Jose Marti and a sundial. It has a star-shaped pedestal. The face of Jose Marti is located in one of their tips. His face, bronze, was sculpted by the famous Cuban sculptress Rita Longa. The set lights every year on May 19 at 2: 30 pm, date and time that the Apostle fell in the battle of two rivers, on to the year 1895. As for the solar clock, horizontal type, is located in 76? 57? of the Greenwich Meridian.

    In the same year stations are marked and registered 275 dates, from birth until the death of Jose Marti, all are linked to his life. Another important square is the Cultural Plaza, also located in the oldest area of the city. In the same three columns, representing the occasions on which the city was burned down during the wars of independence have been built. The parks are also interesting. One of them is the Antonio Maceo, too, built in 1912, which has an obelisk dedicated to the martyrs of the independence. It suffered some transformations until 1930, while retaining the appearance of that date today.

    Another that must be visited is the Parque Vicente Garcia, built in 1915 and which has become the center of the city. You must not miss the source of the West Indies. After having visited the city we recommend you visit the North Coast. Note the map. His next destination will be the province of Holguin. It must be accessed from the North Coast, where they are as interesting as that city attractions. Therefore we recommend, if you want to enjoy excellent beaches again, book in Hotel Brisas Covarrubias, located in the touristic pole of Covarrubias. After made the reservation, can already go to the same.

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