Messiah Mahdi

    He considered it a mission to bring about the second coming of the Shiite Messiah of the Supreme Leader. If the spiral of violence in the Iran’s further screwing up, then Mesbah Yazdi, who gets the circumstances that are favorable for the return of the Mahdi: chaos and bloodshed. And Mesbah Yazdi, who actually can remove himself or one of his students on the throne of power, that would be for the world revolution of enormous importance. Could any bloodshed with the Argument be justified, there is salvation. This scenario seems to be the–option from the perspective of logically rational-minded Viewer. Learn more at: Mark Ethier.

    If you but leads the brutality of many Bassij clubs in mind, one may wonder what makes them so decisively? An answer for this zeal is the practice with the help of mullahs, who were indoctrinated in the institutes of Mesbah Yazdi, to feed the Bassij with visionary ideology of a returning Messiah who freed all oppressed by suffering and deprivation. It is the contrast between students, intellectuals, Baha ‘ i, Sufis, moderate Shiites and the zealots who believe in a speedy second coming of their Messiah Mahdi. It is very roughly drawn a contrast between thinkers who want responsible take their destiny into their own hands and those who want to get chewed out solutions from others for their lifestyle. This rough polarization is illustrative only and should indicate a trend. What desirable is a scenario could be realistic and desirable for the independent development of Iran. No outside interference in matters of governance, but to be the way in the Exchange with foreign countries and to discuss solutions.

    A referendum where really the population can determine with a political transition mode, so that there can be a gradual transition and development of the company. This scenario is realistic, because it will be intensively discussed and prepared in the circle of leading Iranians of the lesser-known opposition. To publish details about it may be toxic to life for those affected and completely fail the plan allow. The fight against so-called terrorism from the Middle East, it would be a signal that with development and not with bombs to achieve freedom. A signal to the world that a civil society can contribute to a lebensfreundlicheren system of Government. The thing with the truth in Iran is already not easy, how much more difficult it is for the concerns of Iranians and Iranian women, self-determination that want want to practice their religion, but argue for a separation of State and religion, not to patronize a regime with totalitarian trains, harassing and shut to let. A support from the West can there are first became interested in the situation in Iran at all and to look at this closely and secondly that the Governments in the West and in the East, despite its own challenges, to exert constant pressure on the part-time in Tehran and the rights of people to raise. The representative of the world revolution do not like such a pressure, because they consider their cause as sacred and want to face the world with a clean face.

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