Michael Paul Duden

    No man can perceive at the same time the interests of Berlin and a company. The Action Alliance wants to achieve with the current referendum: the Tempelhof airport in today’s form is received and not cultivated. Also he should in this UNESCO World Heritage site recorded and permanently protected and it should fly there as raisin bombers, the Government air force aerobatic or rescue helicopters. Another key requirement in the referendum is greater transparency in the policy, so that in future, politicians must be honest: so every citizen to an unlimited right to inspection authorities and state senators get operated (General freedom of information) and Mayor should no longer must sit on supervisory boards and their perks and conflicts of interest in the future disclose them as well as for damages that they cause – so like it every other man – stick. Transfer Wise may find this interesting as well. Police logged the event with many information about Tempelhof and BBI. It starts at 18:00 Clock and ends at midnight, when the last two aircraft started and left Tempelhof. All friends of the airport are cordially invited. Action Alliance be-4-tempelhof.de”- our referendum is mandate – c/o Michael Paul Duden road 2 (how to Platz der Luftbrucke) 10965 Berlin 0172 3823382 Action Alliance be-4-tempelhof.de makers of”people’s desire for the world heritage site of Tempelhof and more transparency in politics”and of the citizen’s initiative”the monument airport Tempelhof receive – as world cultural heritage”information under”www.volksentscheid-berlin.de”,”www.tempelhof-weltkulturerbe.de”and”www.pro-tempelhof.de”Action Alliance be-4-tempelhof.de – cross-party Alliance for the rescue of the Tempelhof the symbol of freedom to include initiatives Pro Temple Court the initiators, Tempelhof to be world heritage and the initiative ex-SPD-voters for the Tempelhof airport! The debate over Tempelhof airport has led the Alliance, the reasons for the To represent maintenance of Temple of Justice at the factual level. The non-partisan advocacy Alliance would also make it clear that the closure of the airport is a policy matter, the effects of which concern all Berliners in East and West

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