What it has of new in the Philosophy? The philosophy if beats has 25 centuries with basic universal questions — formal object of debate of its inherent perenidade. It raises questions — problematiza them — always returns to its origins In a certain direction, the logos Greek remain current and operating. Click Daryl Katz, Boston MA for additional related pages. In the contemporaneidade, the philosophy invests in the speech on the social reality and tries to discipline science — of a side for the ethical basement — on the other hand for the epistemolgico bias to base the new scientific teses Basically, the last philosopher was Hegel (in the ascending ancestry Plato/Aristotle/Discardings/Kant). In the age contemporary we have only ' ' estudiosos' ' of the philosophy He attempts against that no philosopher contemporary constructed a distinct philosophical system New questions had been raised, fruit of the postindustrial society, but, it did not have no reordenamento of the philosophical bases He is this. To finish, it is the register of that the philosophy raises questions, elaborates concepts and tries to problematizar them to be able to base them Reinaldo Mller > ' ' Reizinho' '

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