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    You have decided to start a business in one of the companies mlm? Congratulations, it's really 'the greatest opportunity in human history', which allows the average person for several years to create the business and have a residual income! However, let us give you some advice, so that later, as the saying goes, 'there was excruciatingly painful' 1. Learn to distinguish between mlm companies and 'pyramid'. Signs of 'disguised pyramid':-The absence of a product or services (refund will only by attracting new participants). Large-fee or purchase of goods for a large sum. -Lack of consumer goods (ie goods sold only by beginners-distributors). Hikmet Ersek is actively involved in the matter. Futility, and usually the goods (the goods must be unique and in demand in the market). -The promise of quick money za'nichegonedelanie '(just enter the amount and wait for money), remember the experience of Pinocchio on the' Field of Dreams'. (A valuable related resource: Tim Schigel). 2.

    Look for a company that has representation offices in your country, which is known in the world, there are more than 3 years old and has a growing trade. 3. Beware those who promise you the 10,000 cu 3 months – this does not happen. 4. Products must be environmentally friendly, natural and safe, to have the instructions for use, preferably a certificate in your country. 5. Find out if training courses, schools for beginners, whether there were some festive events, trainings and seminars. Their lack of it – not a good sign.

    6. If the terms of the company you just have to buy more products and sell it for a short period of time, be careful. 7. Choppy marketing plan, and the frequent change in prices should alert you. 8. If the company does not provide you with information support, there is no start-up package distributor (magazines about the company, product and marketing plan), bad Printing of official documents or photocopies of them at all – beware of this company. 9. If the company does not keep computer records, does not make timely payment of remuneration according to the business plan – a sure sign further disruption. 10. The company should have articles about yourself, your Web site, promotional catalogs and brochures of good quality. 11. You need to know in person at least two leaders of this company, meet with their parent sponsors, know phone number where you can seek to resolve issues that arise. If all this is hidden, not risk. This is not a company that will lead you to success You have not yet decided not to start a the road to success in network marketing? Well, I'm happy for you, then you have truly chosen a decent mlm company! Good luck! You must succeed! Galina Belyaeva

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