His stress level remains high and the released hormones adversely affect his health. Effects the nervous system consists of the strands of sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. Is the stress to the steady state, ruled the sympathetic nervous system and the body can react with an increased susceptibility to infections, cravings, weight gain, chronic illnesses and burnout. People who want to stay healthy, should reside primarily in the parasympathetic nervous system mode. Neurotransmitters are involved in the workings of the brain. They ensure good communication between the cells. For example, the satisfaction neurotransmitter is released serotonin in the parasympathetic nervous system mode only and also the organs only to perform their tasks effectively. Burnout can be up to K.

    0 – develop State: the person concerned has become incapacitated. In the brain the communication between cells is not more properly, there will be a neurobiological blockage in the brain. Even the smallest loads again produce the feeling of total exhaustion. Burnout a personal failure? If Burnout is a pure Reaction in the body and not a personal failure. The assessment must also be borne in mind that working and living conditions continuously intensify and pose a risk. The individual stress resilience of people is on the one hand genetic, on the other hand it was coined in early childhood and even in the womb. Specifically, she can be strengthened.

    Especially in humans, whose carrying capacity is not as pronounced a special meaning can be attributed to the responsibility. Prevention is easier to implement than an already existing K. 0 – condition to treat. Also in preventing the brain-friendly methods prove very effective and easy to learn. When it comes to a Burnout, it should be targeted as soon as possible and treated brain-friendly, so that the State is not chronic.

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