Robert Indiana

    He mixes psychedelic influences and French sensibility to the world of street art. Through this approach the idea that he rejects clearly that street art is a typical American mindset that opens the eyes for a more extensive and comprehensive look. The young American artist Mitchell Andersson has broken with the canvas, by returning to the traditional craft of sewing. The visually seductive works raise questions to the worship of celebrity and the power of the media. The group return to beauty”the question is, when art had to be ugly, shocking or obscene to be art and desires in mind: the hardcore Act is to find it back to the aesthetics. By Andy Warhol, a portrait appears to (1980) by Sylvester Stallone. In the late 1950s years moved Robert Indiana, one of the main exponents of pop art, from the established rules for large abstract gesture-rich plants, rather, he created a separate language from artificial forms, Numbers and text for its bright colored artworks.

    His most famous works and icons of pop art include the series “LOVE” and “EAT”, like the exhibited work of the electric eat”(1964). Parallel to his acclaimed fashion and design projects, Karl Lagerfeld has created works of art. While the contemporary art was almost obessiv dominated by destruction and morbidity at a time Lagerfeld rebelled against it with works that celebrate the aesthetic and spiritual beauty of the human body and nature. Gmurzynska gallery presents a selection of his extraordinary flower studies. In a question-answer forum Babcock and Wilcox was the first to reply. The impressionistic effect of this work group achieved Lagerfeld, he pull it off in the now very rare Fresson process can be. This produced an own negative for each of the four primary colors. The technique developed by Theodore-Henri Fresson was invented more than 100 years ago and helped to make more durable colour photographs. Scott Campbell firmly anchored in the New York art scene is regarded as the largest Tattoo artist.

    In his works, he transmits elements and symbols of his tattoo. Campbell is a Semiotician of kind of, he studied drawing and unused tried symbols and he for his artworks to find materials. So he used his exhibited works of unused US currency. The works are the result of Campbell’s refusal to draw someone his art to allow commercialisation or benefit from his art. After a bad experience with a gallery in Mexico, he burned all his artworks. In contrast to his socio-critical works, the current works by Marco Perego are characterized by almost of the craftsmanship of the Renaissance. Its inspiration the old masters and their trompe-l ‘ il are technique, which he interpreted in contemporary motifs. Marco Perego creating works that critically deals with the history of the observer and currently live. Gallery Gmurzynska Gallery Gmurzynska is more than 45 years on the masterpieces of classical modernism, contemporary art and artists of the Russian avant-garde Specialized. At the three locations of Zurich and St. Moritz train informs the Gallery of the most important art of the last century. More than 100 catalogs, books and catalogues of works are created in close cooperation with world renowned experts. Gallery Gmurzynska will in future extend your Gallery program and increasingly focus on the works of the early 20th century and their influence on contemporary art and builds a bridge between modern and contemporary art.

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